In This Ask Dr. Sabrina "Should I share my experience with my former business partner?"


Dear Dr Sabrina:

I am a business owner in New York. I have heard you on a couple of national platforms (Michael Colyar Morning Show and Get Up Mornings with Erica Campbell) I have learned so much from you and really appreciate your down to earth manner of explanation. So, I feel like I can share my dilemma, dealing with a business partnership gone wrong.

I began a business with a designer to work and create our own fashion collection. Our business partnership began as an idea by my partner as I really have no experience creating designs. Well, we started this journey with very high goals like showing our pieces in LA during fashion week. Well, we did get to LA, however the experience went extremely wrong with the following happening:

1. During the first month after we decided how much we would both put in, she never put in a dime.

2. She stopped communicating with me for an entire 2 months. Did not call, respond to text, or emails.

3. Invited a model to be out main model and told her she could stay in our room without asking in advance.

4. Lastly, several orders were submitted, and she was paid but never completed any order.

I was terribly upset and then later learned from so many that this is her regular way of doing business….not completing what is started. I feel some kind of way that so many people had similar experiences and did not tell me. This is where I need your input. I really do not want other to be jammed by her. Should I share with others my experience?

Fashion Backward Pam

Should this business woman share her experience with her former partner?
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