In this ask Dr. Sabrina, "Should I forgive my ex-husband and give him a new employment opportunity?"


Dear Dr Sabrina:

I really need an objective opinion, as my family and friends are simply mad. Ok, I was married to my daughter’s father for 5 years. We had a solid relationship, and he was an awesome father. We traveled, hosted game nights, and were continually active in our church. We started to have some issues during year 3. We had a joint bank account which we used to cover our bills. I learned that I was the only one putting money in the account. When confronted after finding his check stubs, he stated that I had invaded his privacy………Well, I went on a business trip and he was calling every day providing words of affirmation and encouragement. I arrived home to an empty house…HE LEFT with my daughter. I was devasted and he would not answer my calls. I finally got through and he stated that “You know what you did” …I promise I did not. However, I just wanted my daughter home. He had a woman I had never met drop off our child.

Well, I learned that he had moved in with a woman he worked with that had a child by him the same age as our daughter. The child was born with multiple health challenges and he felt they needed him more than our daughter and I needed him. This really hurt as he was not just a guy I was dating…He was my HUSBAND. Well, he has not been an exceptionally good father. He does not pay child support as he feels I make more money than him.

This is my question; I have a job opportunity for him. I got a call asking did I know anyone with a particular certification. I know he has it as I helped him study and remember our excitement when he received it. Should I make the referral or keep the opportunity to myself? Help

Should she forgive her ex-husband and share the employment opportunity with him?
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