In this Ask Dr. Sabrina "Should I consider getting the Vaccine to make people around me feel better?"


Dear Dr. Sabrina,

I am so torn with what to do and I really need your help. I work in the entertainment field and spent many months with NO work during the pandemic. I have twin sons who are 10 years of age. During the pandemic, we had several losses, changes in routine, and frustrations. However, we have done ok and continue to push forward.

Now the major issue…….THE VACCINE. I have not been vaccinated and do not plan to do so. I have become isolated from friends and family as they are angry with me. To take it a step further, they are attempting to bully me into forcing my twins to get vaccinated. Let me give you some additional information about my choices; due to my religion I have never participated in vaccines or immunizations. My sons have not been immunized and previously I have been able to submit paperwork to waive any vaccine or immunization requirements for them. My children are healthy and have alway been.

Due to the COVID crisis, our family has been treated aggressively and bullied. I feel strongly that I do NOT want the vaccine for myself or sons. But with all this pressure, I wonder, should I consider getting the vaccine just to make the people around me feel better?

The Unvaccinated.

Should I consider getting the Vaccine to make people around me feel better?
Yes, Get Vaccinated
No, It's Your Own Choice
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