In This Ask Dr. Sabrina, "Do I tell my Co-worker she has horrible breath or just ignore it? Please Help!"


Dear Dr Sabrina:

I need some help. I really hope you pick my letter as I want to hear your suggestions as well what the readers think. Ok, I am new to my job which is a dream job for me. I love the location, my boss, and the new opportunities have me super excited. I was working remotely since the pandemic began and felt so blessed to continue working while so many were not. However, working from home got to be too much. I am a very social person and missed working in the workplace with others. So, I was very strategic about the type of place I wanted to work.

Now, for my dilemma, I have a co-worker who is very supportive with my new roll as she is a senior staff with tons of experience. She has very bad HALITOSIS- Yes “Bad Breath”! It is so bad that when she comes my way, I will make sure my mask is on and ask her to put hers on. Well, the breath is so strong my eyes tear up while talking with her.

So, I want to know if I should just bare it, in an effort to not hurt her feelings or should I say something. If, I say something do you have some suggestions on what to say??

Thank you and your readers for their votes.

Do I tell my Co-worker she has horrible breath or just ignore it? Please Help!
Say something
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