In this Ask Dr. Sabrina "Can I trust my ex-husband who wants to move in together after he cheated on me years ago?"

Dear Dr. Sabrina:

I feel completing lost and really need so words of wisdom. Ok, I married my childhood sweetheart. We attended high school and college together. We were simply connected at the hip for years, we have many of the same friends for over 30 years. Now, about 7 years into our marriage my husband had an affair. He is extremely outgoing, the life of the party, and people are drawn to him…especially women. He began to stay out late and we were at connected at the hip any longer. At first, I had no proof that he was cheating, just that feeling in my gut. Finally, I got proof and I completely checked out. I went on to have an affair of my own. He continued to try and make things work however, I was not interested. We officially divorced in 2017.

Fast forward to 2020, he became ill and I was their for him and we started to reconnect. He and I have began to purchase items together (a boat) and doing more things together with our children. I do love so many things about him and our connection. This is my problem, he wants us to move back together and I am very nervous. I have no idea if the new him is to be trusted. Due to Covid, he is not able to hangout and be in the streets with women. So, I am not sure if I can trust the new man he is showing me. How can I trust him again, should I move back home or not? HELP!!!!

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