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Fashion Trends to Leave in 2020 and Floss in 2021


One thing about me…I love to look good! So the stay home orders of 2020, weren’t about to leave me sitting at home in sweats all day, with my hair undone and face dry. Oh, no ma’am! Like many of you, I feel so much better when I look good. So with all the headaches and stressors of this past year, it was super important for me to feel (read that as “look”) as good as possible as often as possible. So I used any and every reason I could think of to get dressed, accessorize, wipe on a little makeup and, for heaven's sake, put on a nice pair of heels! I was dressing to the nines just to walk around Somerset. I pulled together whole entire looks just to have dinner with friends. When literally everything was closed, I bought new sneakers, trying to look cute just walking 6 feet apart from my neighbors, as we all were bored to pieces strolling through our subdivision.

As we slide into 2021, praying to the heavens that it will be very different from 2020, there’s so much we’d like to leave behind and so much more to look forward to. For now, I’d just like to share my thoughts on the fashion trends. Here’s what I want to see left behind forever and what I really want to see more of in 2021.

Trends to Leave in 2020
1. Bike Suits aka Wrestling Suits. The fast fashion (dare I say “cheap”) bike suits were simply not flattering on roughly 80% of those who were, respectfully, VERY confident in wearing them. They were generally made with cheap, thin stretch fabrics and forgiving only on a very specific body type. (We need to talk about dressing for your body type another day. Don’t let me forget.)

2. Square Toed Heels This could be personal preference, but I prefer to avoid trends that’ll be super short-lived. These don’t make anyone’s feet look good and thus, won’t be around for long. Save your money and don’t invest in them, no matter what luxury brands are pushing them.

3. Oversized Lashes Again, likely a personal preference, but the ultra thick, super long lashes could be causing people not to take you seriously. They generally look very DIY-ish, since most professional salons are not installing these. They may show up well on pics and videos online, but in person… They just don’t. Stick with a moderate length and volume for a timelessly, flirty look, like these done by Detroit Makeup Artist @Beautyispaynemakeup


4. Disposable Face Masks It’s time to accept that masks are here to stay. At least for another year or so. Why put so much effort and investment into looking your best, if you’re going to dumb it down with that clashing, generic blue or bland white mask? Stay safe and still be fashionable by simply covering it with a similarly shaped mask that's more in step with the mood of your outfit.

I’m so glad to have gotten that off my chest. Now, on to what I really want to see more of...mostly because I’ll be wearing these trends and I don’t want to be alone in doing so.

Trends to Floss in 2021
1. Belts Belts are such an easy way to add flavor to an outfit, break up a color and change a silhouette. Experiment with thin belts on slim fitting dresses, at the smallest part of your waist to accentuate your curves or create more of a waistline. Add a contrasting belt to a dress or jumpsuit to break up too much of one color or create a pause in a busy pattern and give the eyes some relief. Belts also change the mood of an outfit. Add a wide leather tie belt, to feel more edgy or use a simple belt on a bodycon to give it a slightly more professional look you can pair with a blazer and wear to work.

2. Exaggerated Shoulders Balmain has been making these amazing blazers with exaggerated shoulders that are so flattering on most women. The extra volume makes the waistline appear smaller, brings attention to the face and just looks strong and confident... bossy even. Disclaimer: This trend isn’t going to be great for those who already have well-pronounced shoulders. We have capes for you.

Instagram photos from @balmain

3. Capes Keeping in theme with looking bossy, let’s add a little elegance and drama, which is exactly what capes do. Generally, the shoulders are rounded and slim, and capes tend to widen toward the bottom. So they’re perfect for balancing out wider shoulders.

4. Puffy Sleeves This trend was huge in 2020 and will carry on. We saw it in dresses, blouses, blazers and coats. There’s simply no way to NOT look feminine in puffy sleeves. Just about anyone can wear them in solids or prints. Chiffons, laces or even faux leather and suiting. They’re flirty, fluffy and classically feminine.

5. (Wide) Brim Hats This is one of my favorite trends, because hats deliver a sense of completion. Kind of like the perfect shoe, hats make an outfit appear more polished and well thought out. Wide brim floppy hats, fedoras, etc. make it clear that you dressed with intention and that you know you look good.

Instagram photos from @porshareal and @therealmaryjblige

6. The Color Yellow All through 2020, we saw celebrities donning the color yellow. Some successfully and some, not-so-much (think RHOP Reunion). Yellow is a perfect compliment to melanated skin. The trick is finding the perfect shade for you. The right yellow will have you looking like a sunkissed goddess. The wrong tone will have you looking faded and washed out, maybe even a little sick. For great examples of a perfect yellow matchup, think Kenya Moore. Love or hate her, she slays in yellow and does it effortlessly. If you have a hard time choosing a yellow, opt for a crisp white. We won’t judge.

Instagram photo from @thekenyamoore

7. Lounge Wear 2.0 It’s clear we’ll still be spending a lot of time home, in our cars or outdoors. So it just makes sense to have comfortable loungewear, but that doesn’t have to mean lazy wear. Designers have been making sweats in various fits and shapes and they can be paired with long coats, a fly hat and a fresh pair of sneakers, for an “I just threw this on, but I’m still fly” look. 3 piece cozy sets with long cardigans, are available in a variety of textures and colors and can be worn with slippers, perspex heels or sneakers, depending on your mood.

Whether or not you follow trends. Whether you spend a lot or a little on each item, the most important thing is that you feel good in your clothes. Have fun getting dressed. Play in your closet. For me, how I go about getting dressed and how I feel about myself in that chosen outfit of the day, set the tone for me to create a Lovely Day.

-I’m Lovely Day

For more examples and ideas on how to wear the trends listed above and other fashion reviews, please visit me on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTjo3Ix3DGlkQDfkf5llBkA. Be sure to comment and let me know what trends you plan to carry into 2021.