I AM Goddess Alex

Photo By: Myron Watkins @iknwmryn

As the natural hair trends rise, we are in need of more stylists that actually care about textured hair. Meet Goddess Alex, an entrepreneur, advocate of healing, visual creatress, public speaker, actress, model, educator, village curator, innovator, tastemaker, and music lover.

As a young girl she always knew she would be an artist and live her life in the flow of creativity. She found her passion in the beauty industry at the age of 13. Supporting her mother through domestic violence, Alex learned to style her mother’s hair. In these early “THairapy” sessions, with her mom, she recognized she was aiding her mother's self esteem and realized that doing hair was a form of healing.

Alex carried this early knowledge and passion for supporting others throughout her career into what she calls “Thairapy.” She is the owner of Goddess Beautique where she wears the title, Natural "THairapist" with HAIR spelled out to emphasize the healing and the wholistic nature of hair care.

Photo By: Arthur King @detpics

Alex specializes in the protective preventive care of textured hair as well as create styles to fit the lifestyle of her clients. More than a Stylist, and more than a braider, her purpose in the industry is bigger than hair itself as she services everyone from at home mothers to some of Detroit's dopest artists treating them all like celebrities. She focuses on the overall wellbeing of each individual client with not only creative healing hands but an insightful heart and an understanding for deeper than surface matters.

Educating her clients is a key principle as most are finding their way back to self. Alex is here to assist the journey to a fuller and complete level of self love. To embrace ones natural hair (texture hair growth naturally from the scalp) is to express a love for self despite the odds of a society slowly gearing towards excepting blacks for who they naturally are.

It truly is therapy for the hair especially for women who have never seen their natural curl patterns and have no clue what to do with it due to wearing chemical treated or relaxed styles most of their lives.

Most women had mothers that were not aware of the physical, mental, and emotional health issues that would be caused by something they felt was making their lives easier. Goddess is here to help bridge the gap, share her love, skills, and resources to build new relationships between her clients and their textured hair.

Photo By: Arthur King @detpics

Even with a background in cosmetology she is aware of the missing pieces in the curriculum being taught to the students who today still leave school without knowledge on how to care for textured hair. The ugly truth is there is no desire for this knowledge because the origin of cosmetology as it goes for black people's natural hair lies in the business of chemically altering the textures to favor a Eurocentric beauty industry.

At Goddess Beautique, Alex offers workshops, private lessons, community classes, and connects the village to expand on and delve deeper than the healing that began in her styling chair. Her mission is to empower her community through the healing arts, education, creativity, and self expression.

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