How White Supremacist Tried to Derail The Peaceful Protest

By RusselL Lee


The last few months have been quite eventful in the United States. As Americans continue to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, the nation has been awakened by the series of reported police shootings of unarmed black men. The George Floyd incident in Minneapolis set off a nationwide series of peaceful protests and demonstrations from people speaking out against police officers and their use of excessive force.

Unfortunately, the peaceful protests were derailed after white supremacist groups started looting stores and burning down buildings to make it look like the protesters did it. The sole mission of these groups was to prevent protesters from spreading their message of racial equality and police reform. They wanted the public to see the protesters as the enemies instead of the victims.

According to Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, state officials believe that people from out of state had committed around 80% of the violence and crime that occurred during the protests. One Minneapolis protester named Jonathan Turner Bargen even spotted a white man with an assault rifle inside of a red pickup truck. The symbol on the side of the vehicle belonged to “Three Percenters,” which is a far-right militia group.

Minneapolis had hundreds of buildings get burned to the ground in the wake of the protests over the George Floyd murder. Even though some protesters did commit crimes, authorities say the majority of the protesters have been peaceful and nonviolent. These extremist groups are merely using the protests as an excuse to commit violent crimes and make black people look bad.

Blending with the Crowd

The peaceful protesters consisted of both black and white people. While this might seem encouraging toward the movement for racial equality, white extremist groups took advantage of this by pretending to be part of them.

None of the real protesters could even identify the white supremacists because they didn’t wear any clothing that would reveal who they are. The white supremacists wanted to look like protesters so that people would record video of them looting stores and burning buildings. That way, the public would get the wrong idea and demand for the protests to stop immediately.

However, it didn’t take long for law enforcement and local civilians to figure out what was going on. These white men may not have worn any identifying symbols on their clothing, but their social media accounts showed plenty of revealing things about them. Those accounts had images of far-right symbols, literature and other hateful rhetoric on them. Once their faces got matched with the faces seen in the hundreds of different cell phone video recordings, it didn’t take long for the truth to get figured out.

As of now, law enforcement agencies throughout the country are reviewing all the captured videos from these incidents. They have been able to locate many of the people in these videos who committed crimes. Investigators look at various elements of each suspect to determine their identities, such as their tattoos and social media profiles. Face recognition software can also find people based on a scan of their faces in the video.

Therefore, it seems like white supremacists have failed. The peaceful protests for racial equality and police reform continue and grow stronger each day. There are now street murals in Washington, D.C. and New York City that read “Black Lives Matter.” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is planning to have a mural painted on 5Th Avenue in front of Trump Tower. That should send a clear message to white supremacists that their efforts are failing.