How to Build Your Sneaker Collection


I’m a high heels girl through and through. With the current state of things, I’m not getting quite as many opportunities to get fly and step out in my heels as I would like to. Prancing around in front of the mirror in my closet is getting really old very fast! At the few places I do frequent, everyone is mostly casual wearing sneakers or combat boots. Arriving in 4.5” heels, I stick out like a sore thumb, which I really don’t mind, but I figure it’s time to go ahead and join the wave and start building myself a little sneaker collection. So, I enlisted the help of a small sneaker and streetwear reselling company, Another Man’s Treasure, LLC. (@amtreselling on Instagram) I asked what basic kicks I should start with to add a little style to my gym shoe collection, which currently consists of the adidas I workout in and a few pairs of chucks. They taught me things to consider like finding a pair for everyday wear and a pair that would be unique and rarely seen out and about. They also had me choose a hypebeast shoe. Something that would turn a few heads. In this video, I excited to share that guidance with you. Plus, a few options for how you can rock them.

You’ll see what sneakers they selected for me and hear why they chose them and find ideas on starting or adding to your own collection. Plus, you’ll see some basic styling, get a glimpse of the new Chanel 21C sneakers and I’ll share my shopping experience buying Louis Vuitton Archlight sneakers with the boutique all to myself.

I had such a good time starting this collection and have already picked out another pair of Louis Vuitton sneakers and what I think will be my first pair of Jordan’s. Take a look and hopefully find some ideas to add to your collection. Enjoy and be sure to comment if you have suggestions on shoes I should add.

-I’m Lovely Day