By Demetrius Carrington
Photos by Everett Stewart


Anybody who knows Chuck Bennett knows he’s the fucking Man! He’s well respected, loved and is a joy to be around.
Although Chuck is the ultimate A-Lister, he has friends from all spectrums of life. So the other day I asked him, how did you become so iconic? After he coyly shrugged off the compliment he said, "my life comes down to several core principles."


1. Never set out to be anything other than the best "YOU" possible. I never gave myself any of the titles I have, I do my best and I’m rewarded for my efforts. Trust me people notice when you are doing your best and doors will open for you.

2. Always treat yourself to the best you can afford. Never compromise your style or standards, people notice how you treat yourself, and that is the way they will treat you.

3. Always be opened minded, always be re-inventing and evolving. Never get to a point where you think your ideas are always the best, listen to others be fair but always do you!

4. Be trustworthy, never cheat anyone and always be upfront. If you can’t be trusted you won’t get very far in life.

5. Trust yourself, be confident and consistent. Live with your decisions and never dwell in the past.

6. Be kind, drink great wine, always wear great shoes and most importantly Have fun!


And there you have it.