How Greenthumbz are planting seeds and changing lives


Planting the seeds of today’s dreams, to reap the harvest of tomorrow’s success!!


​Greenthumbz Consulting exists to assist Veterans through “Basic Training” by planting the seeds of their dreams of being successful in life. ​Veterans that suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) often find themselves secluded, reclusive, hyper-vigilant, and/or depressed. This can make the transition from the military to a civilian lifestyle difficult, especially in Veterans that have experienced military trauma during their time of service. These same Veterans often struggle in maintaining relationships and in some instances do not seek therapy or employment, rendering some veterans homeless, jobless, and unfortunately in some instances lifeless.


Greenthumbz Consulting will provide holistic, therapeutic, relaxing, calming, and peaceful activities and sustainable income earning opportunities for Veterans in the following programs:


A collaborative effort that provides our Veterans with sustainable urban farming training, continued community service fulfillment, nutritional education, and liveable wage earning. The “Green Machine” is a fresh, high quality, organic produce/food delivery system. Servicing communities and schools with fun, motivating, and artistically expressed health seminars in Detroit’s urban corridors that lack healthier food options. This in turn will supply, educate, and train families and households with healthier food and eating habits to help combat diseases in our neighborhoods such as Juvenile Diabetes, Childhood Obesity, and Heart diseases which significantly affect urban youth.


Project: S.E.E.D.

The Servicemen’s Empowerment Enrichment Drive (S.E.E.D.) is a branch of Greenthumbz Consulting veterans program. Our mission to renovate single family residences in Detroit is deeply embedded in our commitment to advance the economic sustainability of Veterans and the local community.

Project:S.E.E.D. is partnered with licensed builders contracting with Home Depot and the Detroit Land Bank’s ongoing residential home rehabilitation projects throughout Detroit. ​The mission : provide Veterans with paid, hands-on basic training and preparedness for apprenticeship in the Skilled Construction Building Trades.


Our program encompasses a wide spectrum of the residential construction field including plumbing, electrical, painting/drywall, wet plastering, plasterer tender, landscaping-grounds clearing, earth moving, carpentry, window/door installation, ceramic tile, heating/cooling, basic understanding to CAD (computer aided design), and 3D replication. Veterans are provided with access to licensed/code compliant builders. Science, Technology,

Engineering and Mathematics are integral components of every renovation project.

Each participating Veteran in the program is required to contract for 8 weeks. The Basic Training sustainability income is a minimum of $250/week. Our veterans have opportunities to negotiate individual work orders and bid on contracts according to the MOS and their work history.


As Veterans the ideals of commitment, dedication, and quality of work parallel the goals rooted in the military.

Ethics, moral compass, motivation, and integrity are the core values of Project: S.E.E.D.



Horticultural gardens are designed, constructed, and maintained by military veterans who in turn will discover and benefit from a plethora of botanical points and paved walk paths for veteran's who have physical challenges and who are wheelchair bound, and the desire to garden in different settings of relaxation.

Operation: ”F.L.O.W.”

The Foreign Language Obstacles Workshop. It’s a one-of-a kind path to success that will bridge the language barriers between parents, students, and educators in our Latino community. By placing participants on the paths of literacy and language development, this will invoke confidence, empowerment, and family participation at home, making homework and other school-to-home projects easier. Removing these barriers will reduce some of the impediments and obstacles caused by communication breakdown in SW Detroit’s Latino community schools. Employment and community service credit hours will be provided to students that are exceptionally proficient in English/Spanish communications from local Detroit Public High Schools. Greenthumbz’s concept of planting the seeds of creation, will allow us to leave our thumbprint of creativity on our planet.


Travis N. Peters
Founder, Executive Director
Greenthumbz Consulting, Inc
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