How Beautiful Machine Magazine’s Holiday Party “Gifted” Has Become the Premier Event in Detroit


Detroit’s social scene is abuzz with anticipation as the much-coveted holiday soirée, "Gifted," hosted by Beautiful Machine Magazine, gears up for its annual celebration on December 21, 2023. Revered as the pinnacle of sophistication and exclusivity, this Black Tie affair stands as a hallmark event in the city, known for its opulence, elite guest list, and the sheer aura of glamour it exudes.

What sets "Gifted" apart is not only its lavishness but also its exclusivity. The party is strictly by invitation only, making it a feat to secure a coveted spot on the guest list. The who's who of Detroit, including the city's elite young professionals and seasoned movers and shakers, clamor to attend this soirée, adding to its prestige. For many, being invited to "Gifted" isn’t just an invitation—it's a social badge of honor, a testament to one'simg stature in the city's influential circles.


Sponsored by, the evening promises a top-tier experience, featuring the finest in drinks and entertainment, elevating the partygoers' senses and ensuring a night of unparalleled indulgence. The sponsorship by such a renowned brand underscores the event's status as the pinnacle of sophistication and luxury.

The allure of "Gifted" extends beyond the mere celebration—it's an opportunity for networking, forging connections, and mingling with the crème de la crème of Detroit's social fabric. From rising stars in various industries to established titans, attendees relish the chance to engage in conversations that could spark collaborations or partnerships.

The countdown to December 21, 2023, marks the ultimate culmination of sophistication and high society, where being on the guest list is a privilege bestowed upon the fortunate few.


We asked Shed Amin Marketing Executive for TRES GENERACIONES Tequila what makes this event so special? “The team at Beautiful Machine understands how to host a great event, they make it easy for the guests to have a great time. Thier events check every box, class, elegance and fun, we plan to continue our partnership for many years to come.”

In a city known for its resilience and dynamism, "Gifted" stands as a testament to Detroit’s vibrant social landscape, encapsulating the essence of elegance, prestige, and exclusivity. For those fortunate enough to attend, it’s not just a party—it’s an experience that encapsulates the true spirit of the holiday season amidst Detroit's elite.