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By Dr. EnQi


The truth is everyone will catch the CORONAVIRUS within the next 12-36 months. The only difference will be HOW WELL YOU RECOVER!

Is there any truth to the fact that people have recovered without treatment? Yes! There is however a serious downside to the MERS, SARS & COVID-19 family of coronaviruses, they tend to leave permanent damage to the lungs, kidneys, liver and testicles.

Bottomline! Whats the available treatment that Western Science has available? None! No Vaccine! No specific AntiVirals!
Wait... Huh?

What's being called a treatment in the hospitals is a combination of ventilator & random antibiotics. Good News?!?
China which is ground zero for the COVID-19 strain of this virus has restored their Quality of Life, with the use of natural BITTER HERBS called TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine. The largest pharmaceutical companies on earth are using NUCLEOSIDE ANALOGUES to create a "cure" for this new virus however people are passing away in the meantime so here is our solution:

USE THESE BITTER HERBAL COMPOUNDS AT https://40dayfruitfast.com/product/enqi-21-day-detox-kit/
AND https://40dayfruitfast.com/product/antiviral-kit-mitochondrial-biogenesis/

USE THIS COMPOUND OF SEA VEGETABLES WHICH IS THE SOURCE OF MANY NUCLEOSIDE ANALOGUES THAT BECOME PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS: https://40dayfruitfast.com/product/ocean-steak-chlorella-and-purple-laver-vegan-capsules-50-count/

Outside that you need to super-hydrate or hyper hydrate with spring water! Why? De-activated viruses wind up in your lymphatic system which needs to be flushed. The quality of the lymph determines your internal cleansing as well as the left over or "collateral damage" to your organs and glands after you heal from this virus.

Does washing your hands help? There is a short answer but I will give you the thorough answer which is to look at the children. The statistics show beyond a shadow of doubt that children are almost (key word almost) immune to this virus and what people aren't looking at is the effect your MicroBIome has on susceptibility to viral infections. Your immune system like a good boxer must having a great variety of sparring partners, your immune system is designed this way as well.

When children touch the floor, dirty toys etc... and then touch their face/mouth they get a great transfer of information and it builds internal immunity, not to mention the older you become the less you socialize which is a HGT paradise (horizontal gene transfer is how viruses transfer information organism to organism). Nature created a feedback system from your internal environment to your outside environment. Living in a synthetically sanitized world diminishes the information on hand for your immune system.

Eating genetically modified foods diminishes the information your immune system has on hand to develop a attack on viral agents etc...

The information we get from touching everything around us like children, and then touching our food, face or mouth is paramount to optimal immune function. In non-gmo food like the wild herbs or sea vegetables environmental information comes directly to us from the plants nucleosides & nucleotides (destroyed or altered in gmo processing).

The MicroBiome consists of microorganisms and the circulation of the environmental information we are helping people restore the break in communication with our natural compounds and information dense books like https://40dayfruitfast.com/product/eat-right-for-your-haplotype-early-pre-order-for-the-new-controversial-dietary-paperback-book/ that break down much of what Dr. Sebi taught us in detail protocol by protocol so you don't have to be lost in these days and times.