Have you met the Shoe Doctor?

By Cory Knight


Last summer I purchased a very cool pair of pink Nike sneakers. After about two wears they were all but destroyed. A friend of mine told me to take them to the Shoe Doctor. So after I did my research I made it over to the Avenue of Fashion to see the Shoe Doctor. A few days later I picked up my shoes and they looked incredible.


But what’s more impressive is Kenneth Taylor aka the “Shoe Doctor” himself, he’s a charming young man full of confidence and kindness.


I recently got a chance to speak with him about his business and what motivated him to become an Entrepreneur and then I discovered the video below and decided to let him explain in his own words.

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Shot by🎥: @courtesyofcreme Music 🔥: @hpdgunn and @2statemeech

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With the price of luxury sneaker ranging from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand it’s no question that this young man is positioned for success.

So before you give up on your favorite pair of sneakers let the Shoe Doctor give them new life.

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