Have you Met Chuck’s Angels?

By Jordan Scott

A few weeks ago, I called my friend to ask for a lunch date and before I could even ask, she said, “I’ll call you back I’m listening to Chuck’s Angels” and promptly hung up on me.

A few hours later she called back and I asked, “What’s Chuck’s Angels”? She explained it’s a radio show that airs every Saturday afternoon. She went on to explain that it’s a group of females from all walks of life discussing a wide range of topics. So I asked who the hell is Chuck? She than explained that he’s a mega-socialite that everyone knows and he also has his own radio show as well.

My curiosity peaked. I listened to the Chuck’s Angels show for myself. It was funny, smart and fresh, the ladies are all beautiful, but more importantly they were obviously intelligent.

I must admit when my friend told me it was an all female cast I immediately assumed it would be nothing but a man bashing festival but it wasn’t. It was balanced and honest. The discussions were insightful; the women really have strong opinions but aren’t afraid to show their softer side.

Now a fan, I wanted to know more about these Angels. It seems Chuck has about eight Angels that rotate appearing on the show but the three main Angels are Lisa, Antisia and Lizz, and these women are hilarious.

I had to know more so I set up an interview with Chuck and his Angels.

At first, I didn’t get to speak with Chuck or the Angels. I spoke with Demetrius who helps run Chuck Bennett Productions. After a short conversation, I began to see the picture. I asked when I could meet Chuck and the Angels. He politely told me to do some homework on the organization and come back in a week.

After doing the homework as requested, it all made sense. Like my friend told me, Chuck is an entertainment and fashion heavyweight. He’s actually known as the ‘Style Guru”. He’s the Society writer for the Detroit News, a contributor on Fox 2 News Detroit, and his credentials go on and on. And Demetrius is a concert promotion veteran with a long list of accomplishments as well.

Chuck Bennett Productions indeed has the hot hand. They produce two shows, Chuck’s Happy Hour and Chuck’s Angels.

Chuck’s Happy Hour is really a funny show. Chuck takes his listeners on a whirlwind ride through A-list parties and talks about fashion and anything pop-culture.

I asked Demetrius what’s next for Chuck Bennett Productions. “Our focus is on making our shows even better and growing our digital platforms. You’re the first to know, but we’re leaving AM Radio and moving our shows to the Podcast format."

Now back to Chuck’s Angels. Lisa Mills is the main host. A Wayne State Graduate, she’s a proud Mother of two beautiful young adults. For the last sixteen years she’s been one of our areas most sought after Pilates instructors. She trains the who’s who from athletes to socialites. But the thing she’s most proud of is the charity event she co-founded called Give and Get fit. Lisa is also co-host of the Happy Hour with Chuck Bennett Show. Lisa has a heart of gold and is the perfect choice to lead this esteemed group of woman.

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Next we have Lizz English, a mother of two who loves dancing and music of all forms. She works professionally as a Licensed Relationship Banker. She’s also in the process of launching her own T-Shirt line that promotes self love and the love of others. Lizz has spent time on missionary trips working with orphaned children. She’s witty, strong, and kind, and definitely one of our favorite Angels.

Pants By: 110 Couture
Top & Necklace By: Todd's Room
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Last but not least there’s Antisia King. Antisia is a devoted Mother of a nine year old son. She’s also Vice President of an online publishing company as well as a partner in her family’s thriving condiment business. Being a Lupus Survivor she is an outspoken advocate for holistic healing. You’d be hard pressed to find her without a smile on her face. She always takes the glass half full approach to life. She’s also not afraid to speak her mind. Just like the other Angels she has a unique way of looking at things and she’s okay with that.

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Do yourself a favor and check out Chuck’s Angels. You’ll laugh, you may cry, and you’ll learn, but most of all you’ll be entertained, trust me.