Goodie Mob Celebrates 25 Year of Soul Food

By Mikey Eckstein


This month I chatted with Goodie Mob as they celebrated 25 years of 'Soul Food'. Here is part of our conversation:

ME: What was it like in Atlanta at the time you guys first came out, and to become a powerhouse in the music industry, tell us about that?
GM: At that time Atlanta didn’t have a dog in the fight of the hip hop culture.

There were no major record labels until Laface Records; only indie labels like “Itchibon” records. So it was a talent show after an open mic trying get in the dirty south.

ME: How do you guys feel about the state of hip hop currently?
GM: Hip Hop is evolving. It used to be strictly for urban youth but now it has gone international.

ME:What are some of the new artists you guys like?
GM: Lill Baby, Gunna, J Cole, Young Dolph, Earth Gang, JID

ME:Can you tell us a couple of your favorite things or memories of Detroit?
GM: Eminem/D-12
Royce the 5-9 Trick Trick
Watching Barry Sanders back in the day

ME:How long was the recording process for “Soul Food”?
GM: The process took about two years 93’- 95’. Recording at the Dungeon spending the night listening to music, and vibing all night! Bosstown Studios now Stankonia and Curtis Mayfield studio in the SWATS. Cutting records with OutKast was cool too!

ME:Who are some of your favorite producers to work with?
GM:Organize Noize, DJ Muggs, Dallas Austin

ME:Who have you not worked with ( artist or producer ) would you like to work with?
GM: DJ Quik, Dr. Dre, Zaytovin, Kanye,

ME:Kuhjo - you have a new project out can you tell us about that?
GM: The latest song is “Boy Stop” dirty south ole slang, an unapologetic piece reminding people of the contributions that Khujo Goodie brought to the game. Then “Still In Me” another hood anthem that is also streaming with video!!

New album coming 1/21/2022- “The K-Files”