By Demetrius Carrington


When you first meet Sabrina Shaheen Cronin the first thing you notice is her striking beauty; she is graceful and stylish but very easy to engage in conversation.

Talk with her and you quickly understand why her law firm, The Cronin Law Firm, is one of the fastest growing and most respected law firms in our area.

Beautiful Machine wants you to know more about her and we recently had the pleasure of speaking with her; here is a bit of that conversation:

BMM: When did you start your firm?

SSC: It was 2011. I had left the prosecutor’s office to pursue my music career. A few years later, I opened an office.

BMM: Music Career?

SSC: Yes.

BMM: Tell me about that. That’s very impressive, there can’t be many lawyers who can say that!

SSC: After I left the prosecutor’s office I was gigging on a regular basis, teaching music and having the time of my life.

BMM: Who would you compare your musical style to?

SSC: I would say a cross between Sade and Dido.

BMM: Were you any good?

SSC: Well, I’m proud to say I had a top 14 hit on the national charts!

BMM: Wow, so you were good! Then why did you stop your music career?

SSC: Around that time, the economy began to slow down and I was also starting my family. My priorities shifted and my dreams changed.

BMM: What was it like in the early days?

SSC: At that time, my focus was really on my music career, but I would handle legal matters for friends, and I kept getting referred more and more work. After I had my first child, I started to focus on my law practice.

BMM: So, your business was built on referrals?

SSC: Yes, the business grew organically, 100%.


BMM: What type of law do you practice at The Cronin Law Firm?

SSC: We do a lot of business law, family law, criminal defense, and personal injury. We have the capability of handling cases on the scale of a much larger firm but we’re small enough to give our clients the personal attention they deserve.

BMM: What’s your motivation, what challenges you?

SSC: I love helping people; I know it sounds cliché but, if I can help just one person, it means everything to me. Even when I was doing my music, I just wanted to make people feel good.

In my law practice I want to make people’s lives better. I truly care about people. I want each and every one of us on this earth to live the very best life possible. Everyone has a right to be happy.

I want to help my clients not only during the time I am representing them, but well into the future; to be a positive impact on the overall quality of their life.

BMM: It’s obvious you have a passion for both music and law. If you could be equally successful in both but you could only choose one, which would you choose?

SSC: I think, if I could only do one thing in life, I would want to be an inspirational speaker of some kind, then I could incorporate my music during the presentations! [Said with a laugh!]

BMM: You would rather be an inspirational speaker than Celine Dion?

SC: Well, yes, because you can impact more people on a deeper and longer lasting level. Not that the feelings music can generate aren’t deep, because they are. And many top artists touch millions of lives daily. But in general, I think having a music career in today’s day and age is short lived, relatively speaking.

I want to motivate and inspire people to be the best they can be, in a way that really speaks to them. Some people will look at another person’s current situation and think they know their whole story. They don’t. People judge and do so wrongly most often times!

I would like to spread a fact-driven message that empowers people. You have to know their situation and help them the way they need helping, and in a way they can hear you.

My life’s experiences have shaped who I am today. My creativity, my sense and sensibilities, and my genuine care and concern for others allow me to reach people in ways some attorneys can’t, or choose not to.

BMM: How so?

SSC: I believe I’m effective in the courtroom and in the boardroom because I am able to connect with people on both sides of the table. I am a good listener and really hear what others are saying, which makes me a great advocate, fierce competitor and tough negotiator. My clients feel like they are respected and heard. They trust me because they know I care and work hard for them.

BMM: Tell me what your co-workers and employees would say about you?

SSC: They would say I’m firm but fair, generous, kind and hospitable. I’ve had to learn not to be too nice or too deferential, but I do have high standards, because, at the end of the day, our firm’s reputation is at stake, so I demand we all strive to be the very best we can be.

BMM: Where do you see your firm in five years?

SSC: At least double the size but maintaining our standards of excellence. I want the firm to be one of the most powerful and influential firms in the Midwest Region. We are getting there; one client at a time.

BMM: What would you tell a young lady that has the aspirations to own her our firm, what advice would you give?

SSC: Work hard, be relentless, and not only be a good listener, but be able to communicate effectively with people from all walks of life. Be coachable but also trust your own instincts. And, don’t let fear ever stop you. Ever.

BMM: This was really interesting and insightful. Thank you so much for your time.

Postscript: As you can see, Sabrina Shaheen Cronin is a powerhouse attorney but what makes her special is the kind of person she is. She really cares about people and she has an innate way of making you feel comfortable with her.

She is a sterling example of what Beautiful Machine calls “Girl Power,” if you are ever in need of legal advice, we suggest you give her a call.

Post-Postscript: We salute you Sabrina Shaheen Cronin: Bravo! and Bellissima!