Far Side Promotions- Pontiac

By Mikey Eckstein and Rob Schulz


You guys are going out for a relative long tour coming up , what can people expect on this run at the show?

Yes Yes! We will be out for quite a bit on this Tour, but there are still places we'd like to Hit. Being out this long is good for gel and Jam time. We have Dj Abilities from Rhymesayers on board with us, and the Collaboration is Magic! And I think that's something to look forward to.

Do you have any fun memories of Detroit or the Detroit area from past shows or recording sessions here?
I have lots of Fun Memories of being in Detroit, and it seems like it was all Rave related. I remember being in the Grimiest Warehouse, that was guarded by the local Militia, and I was like... 'Wow! That's different... What are the Rules? Cause we're about to Get SO Effed Up at this Party. Not sure what's going on..." The Party was a Blast and We had a Killer Set. Good Times! :)

We’re you born and raised in California?
Yes, We are all from California. Born and raised. Imani is from Compton, I'm (Slimkid3) from South Central, and Fatlip is from Fairfax Area.

How did you link up with J Dilla? What was working with him like?
We linked up with, Dilla though, Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest. We were working on our Second Album and lived in NYC for about 6 months to work with Tip, but when We go there Tip was Heavily working on the Mobb Deep Project, so, He was like... You Guys should stop by the House, and let Me play You some Heat from this Kid from Detroit named, JD. So we did, and the Beats were AMAZING AF, and the rest is History. I remember Meeting Him for the First time, in Soho, on Houstin. He had His Argyle attire, and a Kangol hat of sorts. I think... Man... It was a while, but He did have His signature Hat, and that JD Vibe going on. But all and all He was a very cool Cat. We all Vibed well. The Creativity never stopped. He was Super Focus Mode in the Studio, but all Fun.


Aside from Dilla who are some of your favorite producers to work with?
Some of My Favorite Producers to work with were/ are, L.A Jay, Tony Ozier, Sizwe (Spear of the Nation), Diamond D, Printz Board, Beide II (R.I.P), Dj NuMark, Venus Brown, Yeti Beats, Sam Spiegel, Brian Green, KNatural. There are More but off Top.

What artists were in cassette decks as a teenager?
The Artists that were in My Cassette Deck were, BDP, LL Cool J, NWA, Too Short, De La Soul, XCLAN, The Cure, B52's, General Public, RUN DMC, Egyptian Lover, Fishbone, Steel Pulse, Bob Marley, Rick James, Teena Marie, WAR, New Birth, Earth Wind & Fire, Hall & Oats, New Edition, GUY, Bobby Brown, and Keith Sweat. That was a bunch, I wanted to show the contrast.


In ‘91 you guys lived together in a house named “The Pharcyde Manor” there must have been some great sessions there?
The Pharcyde Manor was legit, the Shit! We rehearsed there, we lived there, I learned to Dj there, there were cyphers there, with Freestyle Fellowship, and Project Blowed, Fam, there. We didn't really have any Furniture there. I had a Futon on the Floor, with Crates where I stored My Well folded Clothes, and I had a Desk in the corner with all of My business stuff in it. Which was Notebooks, Markers, and Misc things. Lol! Imani's Room was Painted BLACK, ALL BLACK. Also, the Window Downstairs where we'd rehearsed, were all Blacked out, and We had Graffiti on the Walls. It was DOPE Graffiti, don't get it twisted. We had taste in Art. Wild AF, but Excellent. Check the Track Record. lol! ;)

You guys collaborated with another generational defining rap group, Souls Of Mischief for the “Almyghty Myghty Pythons” project, are you still working together?
Souls of Mischief is Family for real! I remember working on Some things with Mygthy Pythons, but I think Imani can better explain that one.

A lot of the stuff coming out lately is solo artists, are there any newer groups you’re feeling?
Oh Yeah! We'll since I've been Djing a lot out in Portland, at a Spot called, Sandy Hut, I've been playing a lot of new Music that I've been feeling, and I always have to mention the same line up, which are... EARTHGANG, SMINO, JID, SIR, KNATURAL, CURCI, MOONBEAM KELLY, TONY OZIER, KENDRICK LAMAR, J COLE, JORDAN WARD, LUCKY DAYE, PRINCE JG, H.E.R., AUSTIN ANTOINE, TRDMRK. The list Goes ON.

How did you link with “One Be Low” who’s on the Upcoming show in in Pontiac, Mi on April 14th ?

Actually I've never meet One Be Low. Can't wait to Check it out.