Exactly What is the Dave’s Choice Awards?

By Demetrius Carrington


Simply answered, the Dave’s choice Awards is an award show founded in 2017 to Encourage, Empower, Inspire and Celebrate the Achievements within the Local Community.

Dave celebrates everyone from the best Barbers to the most powerful Politicians and Socialites in the city.

Dave goes out of his way to make you feel appreciated. The Dave’s choice awards are staged in the most prestigious venues and produced to allow you to feel the importance you deserve.



But to truly understand the event you have to understand Dave Bishop. He is a trendsetter of the rarest kind; he’s fearless, knowledgeable and has incredible vision. And he’s been that way since we were children.

I’ve known Dave for over 30 years; he’s always had a flair for the dramatic. I remember having conversations about hosting high school parties when we were in the ninth grade. He’d say things like “we should bring Run DMC to this party.” Back then most of us were just trying to understand algebra but Dave was already charting his career path.

And Dave has had a legendary career in the entertainment industry. In fact this is not his first award show. In 1989 and 1990 Dave founded The Michigan Rap Achievement Awards at the now closed Ford Auditorium.


The goal of The Michigan Rap Achievement Awards was to have national artist pay homage to Detroit’s local talent.


Dave had Heavy D; Public Enemy; Kid Rock; Queen Latifa; Teddy Riley and I even remember meeting Pharrell Williams at the award show as he was just getting started.

Dave has always been ahead of the crowd, he was the first person to bring the major Chicago House Music Dj’s to Detroit, featuring house music legends Farley, Bad Boy Bill, Mike Hitman Wilson and Fast Eddy.

He pioneered bringing in celebrities to host parties. He is the founder and creator of the Ultimate Group which promotes the long running Ultimate White and Black Parties…I could go on and on.


He’s been a record executive and he currently sits on the board of several major corporations and non-profit organizations.

But what makes Dave so successful is that he trusts himself. He’s not afraid to go left when everyone else is going right.

Dave is not afraid to be great but more importantly he’s not afraid to celebrate other people's greatness as well.

The Dave’s Choice Awards does just that, he celebrates others greatness. This year’s list of honorees is full of people who work hard every day to make Detroit a better place for us all.


And we should be proud that Dave has the heart to celebrate us. I recently asked Dave, why are you doing this award show?

He replied, “To help empower, encourage and inspire people on a daily basis is my ultimate goal.”

Well Done Sir.

The Dave’s Choice Awards is Sunday July 13, 2019 Click Here to purchase tickets.