Eat to live, how to protect your body from Covid 19 and a lot of other bad things


Food, as we know, can be our greatest contribution to good health, or to our own destruction. Over time the quality of our food has weakened. Most of us are always in a rush to eat due to our busy lifestyles and kids. So why is food important, what’s its purpose, and some of the ways it affects us daily? Think of your car; it takes a certain type of gas, oil, and other fluids to keep it operational. Now look at your body, when it comes to you are you making sure you’re getting the right gas? Or are you putting any fluids in the most important system you’ll ever cross in this life?

So what is the purpose of food? Well number one, “to feed” but feed what? Our whole purpose is to eat for energy and elevation. The body needs precious minerals from the foods we eat to keep various organs, and function of the body operational. When you don’t feed your body these precious minerals, it strips other parts of the body of precious minerals to maintain an alkaline balance in your cells. When this doesn’t take place, the cells aren’t revitalizing, but combusting. So instead of replacing themselves, they simply die off. When this takes place, deficiencies take place, and soon disease, and numerous health issues.

What should we be eating? Well look at life; the sun is our reason for living, and the plants our reason for breathing. We should eat from nature, foods fathered by the sun. They contain the same precious minerals that our bodies need. Eat foods that are recognizable by the eye, where you don’t have to read words longer than trains, that’s the average eye won’t recognize; more than likely, because they’re poisons. Connecting with a local farmer can help tremendously, knowing the growth process of vegetation, and you’re guaranteed fresh minerals that haven’t spent too much time without the sun sealing its quality.

Over the years, take a look back at your eating habits, now what are you doing to revitalize your body from all that wasted energy, stress, fat, starch, sugar, dairy etc. - all the things that kill our life force, “the cells” - a lot of people are changing their lifestyles for the better, and that’s awesome, but because of those unhealthy years you won’t receive the new minerals from the new choices because of the parasites that have grown over the years. These monsters will strip you and rob you of the new nutrients. Most of the toxic material travels through the blood, causing stones, diseases, heart disease, diabetes, and more. So what’s your way out of this mess? Like any situation, cleansing what doesn’t belong is a start.. food, people, environment, and so forth that’s contributing to what may cause you to eat these toxic foods. So a detox of the intestines, blood, cells, and adding the proper minerals to vitalize will certainly bring your electric force in the body up to the normal ph level for optimum health.