Dr. Sabrina: A Kaleidoscopic Woman Making Historic Moves

By Samantha Martinez


As we celebrate Woman’s History Month, we wanted to honor our very own Dr, Sabrina Jackson who provides her unique brand of people expertise monthly with her column Dr Sabrina Says. As I learned more about her journey to this incredible light in the world, I thought of a Kaleidoscope. A kaleidoscope is shaken and it appears as things fall apart, only to come back together making something new and beautiful. This woman has by the world’s standards appeared to fall apart, (being shaken) only to create something new and beautiful again and again.

The first shaken moment was being born with extremely dark skin. Yes, Dr. Sabrina did not like being a dark girl in the early seventies, as she was teased, bullied, and made to feel ugly. Well, after this shaking at her foundation of life, she began to embrace her natural beauty and now tells men they can not handle all this Chocolate as she will put them in a diabetic coma! She is moving the make history as she has been cast to play in a sketch comedy entitled “Live and In Color” to be released in late 2023. Dr. Jackson is playing a character named “Dr. Hershey” where she is a therapist with all the knowledge, wisdom, and all that dripping chocolate. Yes, she has turned that thing that once seemed to break her spirit into something beautiful.

The second shaken moment was her suffering several sexual traumas as a young girl at the tender age of 7 by a family member and experiencing gang rape at 14 years. Dr. Sabrina never talked about it until she was 48 years of age. Even though she kept that secret, she did develop beauty through her voice. She has become an award-winning professional speaker. Dr. Sabrina continue to make historic moves and is scheduled to speak in Dubai and Israel in 2023. Yet, another beautiful creation is the nonprofit organization Sabrina’s Girls. The organization works with teen girls who talk too much in school. She works with these to learn about the speaking industry and the girls are required to create and deliver a speech.

The third shaken moment was her having numerous back to back losses. Please note the losses were various: (a) Loss of assistant, father, brother, grandmother, and mother, (b) 2 divorces, (c) foreclosed on home, (d) loss commercial property, and (e) cars repossessed. Yes, Dr. J says there is beauty that can rise out the ashes of loss. The loss of family, friends, and things was devasting, however the beauty that grew out of the losses was her ability to help others H. E. A. L.- Help Everyone Affirm Life though her Mental Health Monday segment on Fox 2 Detroit every Monday at 10:30am, Life / Business Coaching, Monthly Contributor on Get Up Mornings with Erica Campbell and being appointed as a Peace Ambassador to the United Nation with the designation of Her Excellency Dr. Sabrina Jackson. Dr. Sabrina is the only African American women has created her own Personality Assessment Model entitled Essential Colors and Essential Lovestyles (for couples). Lastly, the final shaken moment occurred in 2021, with her spending 28 days in the hospital with Covid. With severely damaged lungs, she was told by doctors she would be on oxygen forever…….God said NOT SO. The beauty that has grown out of this experience is Dr. Jackson is the Dean of the Seers House- A school for people with a prophetic gift.

Has been featured in 8 movies, and is developing a production company for film/tv. Dr. Sabrina was asked to share her greatest accomplishment to date. She responded with raising her son Marcel Smith & adopting her daughter Shameka Bishop Both are making historic moves in their own right….

The Legacy Continues.

Follow Dr. Sabrina at https://sabrinajackson.com/ and https://essentialcolors.co/