Don't Skimp on your New Home Build

By I'm Lovely Day

Of course you should invest wisely and save money where you can, but when it comes to cee building a new construction home from the ground up, I can’t encourage anyone to skimp. When we tour the model homes, we usually fall deeply in love with the rich elegant styling, only to quickly realize so much we loved about it is not actually included in the base price of the home. Then as we begin to choose our structural options and really get into the design phase, we start pinching off features to make it fit into our predetermined budgets. For some, that means ending up with a brand new home that requires a ton of DIY upgrades or the additional expense of contractor level upgrades. To me that just doesn’t make sense! So here’s my list of 10 upgrades that are worth the money to make your new construction home look and feel just like the model.