Domestic violence awareness


Karen Lewis


The Angel House is founded by Karen Richeal Lewis. She was a victim of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE by her former husband and was inspired to start THE ANGEL HOUSE after her daughter Tracy Renee was eight months pregnant with her granddaughter Ashton Makenna Rae, and was murdered on March 22, 2014 do to this horrific act of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

The Angel House is committed to making a difference in the lives of domestic violence and sexual assault victims...right now. The Angel House assists abused women and their children by helping them to relocate to a shelter far away from the reach of the abuser and they provide their female clientele with pre-funded debits cards so they can purchase daily necessities like food, clothing and toiletries. CPL classes are offered along with items of protection like pepper sprays, hard lil hands and whistling alarms for backpacks. Karen is persistently crying out her awareness message through speaking engagement in hopes of preventing women and their children from becoming statistics to this growing crime.

Karen Lewis was a member of Dunamis Outreach Ministries for six years and served on their Nursery Ministry board, she then graduated touch group biblical classes at Word of Faith International Christian Center and became a Touch Group Leader for three years. She is now a faithful and devoted member of Deeper Life Gospel Center, where she is department head of the usher ministry team. She has graduated from Christian Research and Development (CRD) Institute for Biblical Counseling Training, July 19, 2010. She has also written her first book titled No More which was released May 13,2016.

Karen, is in faith that God will work through her to help change the lives of women in abusive situations.

Contact Karen R. Lewis at: The Angel House, 26150 Five Mile Road, Suite 33, Redford, MI 48239, (248)622-0359. Please feel free to email her


Danielle Grey


Danielle Gray was born and raised on the eastside of Detroit, MI in the early 1980’s. She grew up as an only child in a household full of life, laughs, love, music, imperfections, and a strong faith in God . Danielle’s father, Pastor William Cunningham was a fulltime pastor of a local Baptist church and a City of Detroit Retiree until his death in 2018; her mother First Lady Lillian Cunningham worked right beside him in ministry as well as the customer service field for over 30 years before retirement.

Danielle is a proud product of the Detroit Public School System attending great institutions such as, Damon J. Keith Elementary, John Marshall Elementary, Spain Middle School, graduating high school in 1999 from Henry Ford High School-“Go Trojans”. She is currently enrolled as a senior at Davenport University where she will receive her BS in Medical Case Management in 2021. Through many transitions throughout her life, Danielle got married in May of 2009 to a man she believed to be “the one”.

Within that marriage Danielle experienced what she thought was love but it was accompanied by domestic abuse. She endured physical, verbal, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse within her marriage off and on for 4 years. She was even hit in the head during an argument with the butt end of a gun while pregnant with their son. Danielle defines this situation as a pure nightmare and felt embarrassed, alone, broken, with no way out. By the grace of God in 2013, Danielle had had enough and with the help of her family and friends they assisted her in packing her and her son’s belongings and NEVER looked back.

To be honest, it was EXCEEDINGLY difficult trying to pick up the pieces of her life with a pending divorce at the time, the stress of not having a job, and a one-year old baby to take care of. But Danielle NEVER gave up even though there were several times that she felt defeated. She is forever grateful to God because that is not the end of her story…through a lot of prayer and time Danielle, her son, and the new love of her life John are living incredibly happy and well!

She has been blessed to start several businesses, one being a Virtual Assistance Company called DLS Management, in addition to an organization that was officially launched October of this year via social media called “The Lighthouse Push”. The Lighthouse Push gives a voice and provides a beacon of hope to those who once were dealing with or currently dealing with domestic violence situations. Danielle’s story is a true example that there is LIFE after abuse…Your Life! End the Silence on Domestic Violence!

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