Destigmatizing Modesty: Dearborn Apparel Company Empowers Women Through Elevated Design


Studious Monday, a Dearborn-based apparel brand, is shifting the conversation when it comes to modest fashion. As the push for inclusivity gains momentum in the fashion industry, the small Michigan company is redefining modest wear, one contemporary design at a time.

Studious Monday was founded by Nawal Alsaeed, a daughter of immigrants, wife, mother and proud Muslim woman. Growing up, Nawal often felt forgotten by the fashion industry. “Modesty was so rare,” she said. “I did not believe there was any space for me as a woman who visibly practiced a set of values different from those of the models in the magazines.”

In 2016, when Nawal was dropping off her sons at school, she noticed a group of young girls in Islamic uniform. “While observing their laughter and playful mannerisms, I was disheartened to see the contradiction of their wardrobe,” she said. “Here were dynamic and lively females wearing mass-produced, synthetic fibered tops with pleated skirts dreadfully layered over pants.” It was that moment when Nawal thought to herself – this cannot be it. What started as a concept of providing an alternative option of uniforms for young girls in hijab, manifested into an apparel company that represents and celebrates the modesty community.


Launched in 2020, Studious Monday was forced to pivot due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company quickly shifted its focus toward creating and selling organic and hijab-friendly face masks and personal protective equipment.

Two years later, Studious Monday is launching its first full apparel collection with a cohesive ‘Modest Mod’ theme. ‘Modest Mod’ pays homage to the British mod scene of the 1960s and 1970s by incorporating corduroy, recycled polyester and wool to design edgy, bold silhouettes indicative of the transformative era. Studious Monday believes ‘Modest Mod’ resembles a rejection of the drab and narrow culture that dictates beauty and wellbeing to the contemporary modest woman.

Collection standouts include ensembles and sets with touchable texture, Bombzer (bomber + blazer) jackets and midi skirts in harvest hues such as autumnal orange and rifle green and a woven wool midi-dress that could serve as a staple in any fall Wardrobe.


“As a Muslim woman, Studious Monday is my love letter to my faith and my passion for fashion and design,” said Nawal, “Our goal is to create clothing that destigmatizes modesty; clothing that is fashion-forward, functional and versatile. Gone are the days of drab, unpleasant modest wear, for we believe our wardrobes should be both on trend, practical and ethical. I am confident our ethos will resonate with people of all beliefs, colors and shapes.”

To uphold a promise of transparency and conscious construction, Studious Monday publicly shares the journey of its garments on its website. “Studious Monday stands for something greater than pushing out apparel into the world.” said Nawal. “I think the greatest struggle that any one person can endure setting out on a passion project is the fight to stay true and I believe we do a really good job at that.”


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