Darius Cooks Has #AForeverProblem


Darius Williams (@DariusCook) via Instagram.
Photographer Unknown.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Things are heating up fast for the infamous food blogger and Chef Darius “Cooks” Williams known by some as “Darius Crooks.” The hashtag #dariuscrooks is a thread of hundreds of people speaking out against him, this hashtag has gained traction across all social media platforms, exposing his alleged illegal activity.

There are multiple documented examples of cyberbullying, accusations of fraud, assault, and most recently, doxing. Doxing is defined as, to publicly search for and publish private or identifying information (about a particular individual) on the internet, typically with malicious intent.

Darius Cooks is no stranger to controversy; three of his restaurants closed suddenly in February 2020. People suspect that the abrupt closures were due in part to a settlement between him and the state of Georgia for nearly $146,000.00 and he is also facing at least one multimillion dollar judgment against him.

Now he’s hosting ‘Dining with Darius,' which are dinner parties taking place all over the country. Even these dinner parties are problematic. He’s hosting these events without the proper food handling licenses, nor he is not obtaining approval from local Health Departments and is certainly not adhering to proper food handling guidelines.

He’s booking Airbnb’s and VRBO’S to host these large dinner parties and has allegedly damaged property in violation of the terms of conditions of the rental agreements.

Recently, he had a twitter feud with Danielle Holland. Danielle has been a casual observer of Darius. Danielle being a successful entrepreneur in the food space, found his live sessions entertaining at first.

Then she began to notice his rude and condescending behavior towards his viewers, and one day, one of his viewers commented that Darius was being discussed on twitter and she followed the thread.

People were sharing their stories about him; they were sharing legal documents and the stories just kept getting more bizarre.

There were hundreds of people sharing tweets about him and Danielle retweeted a few of the allegations she found most disturbing. Perhaps that angered Darius because out of the hundreds of people retweeting and commenting, he singled her out. Darius doxed Danielle.

She doesn't know why he chose to single her out because she’s not the only person exposing his bad behavior. However, she believes she was doxed as retaliation for her support of the #dariuscrooks campaign that exposes his alleged illegal behavior.

Darius changed his profile picture to a picture of Danielle. He also changed his profile name from Darius Cooks to Danielle Holland. Mrs. Holland was alarmed because her proper name is not on her twitter account.

Darius also posted pictures of Danielle's husband and her two children with the caption, “Y’all do me a favor and tell Danielle Holland we said hello!" Although that tweet has been reported to twitter it still remains on Darius’ feed.

He tweeted that he has Danielle’s background check results and confirmed that he also has her social security number.


Once the pictures of her children were posted, Danielle’s husband, Donvaughn felt that this was a threatening hostile gesture and he intervened to protect his family. Donvaughn tweeted asking Darius to call him to discuss why he posted his family's information and shared his personal phone number. Donvaughn still has not received a call from Darius.


After doing some research on Darius, Donvaughn was even more angry. “I couldn’t believe what I was reading. This guy is a cyber thug! But he only bullies women. Well, he picked the wrong woman and the wrong family this time.” Donvaughn informed Darius that he now has #AFOREVERPROBLEM for violating his wife and family and the hashtag was born.


At the urging of people who’ve had run-ins with Darius and others who picked up on the story, people began requesting merchandise displaying the slogan #AFOREVERPROBLEM.

Curtailing his anger and dismissing his urge to get on a plane and find Darius, Donvaughn and his wife have filed the paperwork to form the non-profit, #AFOREVERPROBLEM.

“I’m not sure who Darius is, but I know Donvaughn and Danielle, and he has met his match with them. They are both successful, highly driven, and organized people. I honestly believe a higher calling chose them to handle this guy. They have the resources, the knowledge, and the will to be the ones to finally stop this bully. He picked the wrong people for sure and I’m glad he did,” said David Lee, a long-time friend of Donvaughn and Danielle.


The couple are selling #AFOREVERPROBLEM apparel and donating the proceeds to various charities including CyberSmiles and the Movement for Black Lives which focuses on ending the war on Black Women and brings attention to abusive behaviors including doxing.


Another victim of his doxing is Mel. Mel was a supporter of Darius and they even became acquaintances outside of social media. She supported a few of his events, purchasing tickets to 'Dining with Darius'. They became so close that he asked her to be his mentor and referred to her as Auntie Mel. He asked her to help him read more, which eventually led to her agreeing to host a book club with him and his followers.

Their relationship went sour when Mel noticed that he was being mean to one of his followers on Instagram live. This follower was asking for financial advice and Mel says he was being very condescending to her.

Mel, being his mentor, felt inclined to speak with him about his rude behavior which would mark the end of their friendship. During that conversation he denied being rude and when Mel sent him a video of the exchange with the woman he immediately blocked her. He went on Instagram live and told his followers that the book club was canceled and he had received death threats. The threats were tracked to Mel’s computer. Mel says this is totally untrue. Mel says he then doxed her, sharing her first and last name, and the city and state she lives in.

Darius’ allegedly doxing and slandering of Mel led to one of his followers calling her business phone, reading her address and her parents address, and saying that if she kept messing with Darius that she would f*** her and her parents up.

Initially, she was extremely shocked and scared. Once she was over the fear factor, she hired a private investor and was able to find the young lady that threatened her and her family. This experience was very traumatizing for Mel. Although she found this young lady, she fears being doxed again.

The Hollands and Mel would all like to see Darius banned from all social media.

Don said, “He is able to cyberbully, fraud, slander, and terrorize people. He’s even doxed innocent people through social media. Darius Williams has #AFOREVERPROBLEM!, Danielle Holland, and I won’t stop until this bully is stopped."


The Hollands have the support of Sunny Anderson, and recently, Roland Martin sent a tweet looking for answers from Darius.

We did reach out to Darius Cooks via social media, but he was unresponsive.