Daniels Leather and Furs Pop Up in Detroit-old

By Antisia King

Daniel's Leather, located in the heart of NYC, is a network treasure. Nadeem Washed, owner and founder of Daniel's Leather, moved to the US to live out the American dream. Coming from a family that consisted of a long line of businessmen, he was destined for entrepreneurship.

Daniel opened his first store in 1922 under the name "Leather Experts" at 148 Orchard St, a tiny little store in NYC which he dubbed as "the little engine that could." The little engine did so much more than he could imagine. By 1995, his hard work and dedication grew to what we know as Daniel Leathers and Furs.


Being at the top of his game and one of the most sought-out stores in NYC, celebrities have taken a liking to his style. Recently, during his pop-up shop in Detroit, I had an opportunity to sit down and ask him a few questions, as follows:


BMM: So you were here doing a pop-up in Detroit. Why Detroit?
DAN: Detroit has always been a place that I love to visit—a second home, I would say. I have a lot of support there, and I love the people I meet.

BMM: What keeps your business thriving for as long as it has?
DAN: I truly believe it's my ability to connect with others in an authentic way.

BMM: What makes your leathers and furs different from others?
DAN: Quality and variety. I want to give my customers options in colors and styles along with a great product and experience.


BMM: How has the attention from celebrities impacted your business?
DAN: It's been good. It's given me a lot of exposure to connect with more people.

BMM: What do you love most about your field of work?
DAN: Being creative and bringing excitement to people is what I look forward to. My love for helping people has always been my passion, and being in the coat business, I've been able to give back in so many ways, whether it's coats for kids, unheard-of discounts, payment plans, or just simply giving back.

BMM: Where do you see Daniel Leather and Fur in the future?
DAN: I want to continue to expand my brand across the world and stay up on the latest trends and styles for my customers.

BMM: Well it was nice talking to you, and look forward to, the experience at Daniel’s Leather and Furs.