By Shameka Bishop
“The Bishop of Credit”


“You can purchase your dream….. with a minimum credit score of 580……”

Run and don’t look back when you hear these types of slogans. I know they sound intriguing but you are PRIME not SUBPRIME.

Subprime borrowers are flagged as high risk, high balance carriers and most likely to miss a loan payment. They are considered to be untrustworthy. This means that IF you are approved, you will receive some of the highest Annual Percentage Rates (APR’s) and horrible borrowing terms. The worst will be when you realize how much money the finance company made off of you because of your poor credit scores. Good people are attached to subprime credit scores and are suffering because of it. Subprime borrowers credit scores are normally between 0-669.

Prime borrowers are smiled upon. Welcomed with open arms and given the best available financing terms. You are trustworthy. Prime borrowers are more likely to make on-time loan payments and don’t carry high balances. The finance company doesn't make as much money off of the prime borrower but at least the chances of the loan being paid off is highly likely. Prime borrowers credit scores are normally 670 and higher.

I want you to have prime credit scores. There is absolutely NOTHING about you that is subprime. I want you to be loyal to your Credit relationship. Save your relationship by increasing your credit score and saving more money. Get to know your credit report. It's time to progress into brighter territories of quality with higher credit scores. You deserve fancy houses with good rates and luxury vehicles you can afford.

The Key to this success is: You have to be EDUCATED about CREDIT

So Let’s celebrate! It is National Credit Education Awareness Month and I want you to be aware of what your credit reports and scores say about you. Most importantly, I want you to be educated. I want you to know how to pay your credit cards and how to increase your credit scores and maintain them. I want you and your children to never need a co-signer.

When your friends ask how you became “Prime”, just tell them you contacted “The Bishop of Credit”.

Learn more about increasing your Credit Relationship and Credit Scores . Visit and take a short credit relationship quiz.

And remember,

Credit = Access Access= Opportunity
Opportunity creates options

Shameka Bishop
“The Bishop of Credit”

Feel free to contact me at 248-618-2282 for any of your Credit Repair and Credit Education needs.