Coronavirus psychic Sylvia Browne's other 2020 and 'end of the world' predictions

By Megan C. Hills


Earlier this year, Kim Kardashian West shared an extract from 2008 book End of Days by psychic Sylvia Browne - in which Browne predicted that a “severe pneumonia-like illness” would spread across the globe in 2020.

With coronavirus now a pandemic, the accuracy of Browne’s prediction has made other theories she has go viral, with Newsweek reporting the book had a spike in Amazon sales - hitting the top 10 Kindle e-book charts in the UK and US.

A number of psychics and spiritual readers have also since weighed in, with many claiming that they too predicted the pandemic or providing unproven mystical explanations as to why it had happened. For example, crystal healer Deborah Hanekamp claimed to InStyle that the reason New York had been hit so badly by the COVID-19 pandemic was because it was built on “quartz crystals” - which she claimed “activate and intensify what you’re experiencing.”

Others including astrologer Alice Bell have claimed that it was due to the planetary alignment of “Saturn and Pluto [connecting] for the first time since 1982.”

Browne, who passed away in 2013, made a number of predictions about the future - including how the world would end much the way T.S. Eliot predicted: “not with a bang but a whimper.”

We’ve done some digging through Browne’s book for some of her other wildest predictions for the years to come, though many of them should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

Browne’s predictions have been criticised at length, particularly one she made regarding the 2004 kidnapping of Amanda Berry. In a televised segment, she told Berry’s mother that her daughter was “not alive” and Berry later said that she "98 percent" believed Browne. Berry’s mother passed away two years after Browne made her prediction and Berry was later discovered to be alive in 2013.

Plenty of other predictions made by Browne in her book did not come to pass - she claimed people would have microchips in their brains to “override” mental health issues like schizophrenia and severe epilepsy by 2014 and that by 2020 it would be common for women to give birth in gravity-rigged birthing chambers. ‚Äč

Here's what else she predicted:

The US presidency will come to an end this year


Browne claimed that people will “finally be fed up” of the American presidency and “executive branch of the government”, claiming it would shut down with responsibilities being absorbed by “the legislative branch” with new elected representatives forming a new version of the Senate.

Party lines would be redrawn, falling into simply two parties of “Liberals and Conservatives” with votes on every bill and law taking place in “nationally televised sessions.”

Atlantis and Lemuria will rise from the depths
One of the more outlandish claims that Browne made was that Atlantis and Lemuria will “rise magnificently from their underwater graves” by 2050, after natural disasters and increased volcanic activity.

Rising infertility will be caused by spirits who don’t want to reincarnate


Browne claimed there would be a major rise in “infertile women and men whose sperm counts are too low to produce children.”

Claiming biological theories would not “solve the mystery”, Browne continued that there was a “very simple explanation” - spirits.

She wrote, “As the end of days closes in, fewer and fewer spirits will choose to reincarnate and be around when life on Earth ceases to exist. The fewer the spirits wanting to come here, the fewer the fetuses they’ll need to occupy. And the fewer the fetuses required, the fewer the pregnancies.”

She also added that people would “find themselves less and less interested in having children”, which sounds more plausible.

Male and female pedophiles will be “neutered”
Browne predicted a few laws that the new Senate would psas, one of which included the “neutering” of pedophiles “proved guilty by irrefutable evidence as a mandated part of their prison sentence.”

Meteor showers and space trash will shower the earth in 2029


Browne wrote that the “unceremonious return to Earth” of space trash and meteor showers would take place - adding that it would harm plants and topography rather than humans and animals

Old diseases will suddenly return because people have stopped vaccinating
Browne claimed that although diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, leukemia, diabetes and more would be eliminated, diseases such as smallpox and polio would return between 2075 and 2080 in a “sudden worldwide spread of diseases.”

She said that following a lack of vaccinations, “some combination of that complacency and the unhealthy atmosphere we’ve created will give them the perfect opportunity to reappear.”

“And that, sadly, along with a toxic atmosphere and having nowhere to live that’s not disastrously flooded and weather challenged, is what will bring us to the end of our lives on Earth."

We’re all going to die of “disease-related deaths” but it will be “amazingly easy and peaceful”


Browne said that “illness is what’s going to ultimately end our lives on Earth”, claiming that it’s going to not end with a bang but a whimper.

We’re all going to be living in “domed cities”


Following in Kanye West’s ill-fated attempt to build a domed city, Browne claimed we would be living in them by the “late 2020s.”

With the US the first country to adopt the idea, she said the trend would eventually spread globally with the “Far East being the last to participate.”

As for what they’ll consist of? She said they would be created by “three-ply synthetic glass and plastic” that would be tinted, opening and closing to allow people to fly in.

Air would be “purified” as well as the temperature - all of it “controlled for maximum health.” She claimed these domed cities would be in such high demand that eventually only rich people would be live in them “as the wealthy take over and the poor are excluded.”

Three quarters of the earth will be covered in water


Browne predicted that following increased global warming, coastal cities would be “drowned” as ice caps, glaciers and snow would melt.

She claimed the water would “seep into the earth, to its red-hot core” and cause volcanoes including Mount Fuji to erupt “decimating much of Japan” by 2085.

Collecting the cells of newborns will lead to “brilliant advancement in cloning”


Browne made a number of predictions about medical advancements in childbirth, as well as a few dystopian ones that would come to pass by 2010 (which haven’t come true).

One of these includes a prediction that babies would have their DNA harvested from cheek swabs at birth, to create “an international databank of every person on earth” called SCAN.

She said that as a result, it would improve cloning technology as well. She wrote, “Having a few cells on hand will make it possible to clone a new organ to replace one that has failed” - adding that it would diminish the demand for organ donors and blackmail sales of human organs.

Blindness and deafness will be “a thing of the past by 2020”


Browne claimed that by 2020, a “tiny digital device” could be placed in the “frontal lobes of the brain” that would “create or reactivate normal, healthy communication between the brain and the eyes.”

She also believed deafness would be cured, saying there would be a “development of a synthetic material that perfectly duplicates the human eardrum” - leading to a “virtual end of deafness."

There will be a “voluntary coalition of all religions”


Browne believed various religions would come together to create a “global interfaith coalition” that would actively work together to help feed, clothe, house and spiritually nurture anybody in need.

She claimed pyramid-shaped buildings called Healing Centers would pop up, where people would be able to do everything from wash their clothes to get legal advice for free.

Healing Centers would also develop ‘Dedication Schools’, where people can take courses on spiritualism.

America will get a public health system
She claimed that a public health system was on the cards in the first six years of the new Senate.

Anybody who drink drives or drives under the influence will have mandatory rehab


Browne claimed that another law would target irresponsible drivers, claiming that those found guilty even on a first offense would have to go to “mandated inpatient rehab and detox” - with th cost of their treatment offset by the “immediate seizure and auctioning of the vehicle.”

The stock market will cease to exist in the US


Browne claimed that the stock market would end, adding that “IRAs, mutual funds, pension, and retirement plans” would also cease to be.

A “polar tilt” will reach its peak in 2020


Browne predicted that a phenomenon called a polar tilt would hit its peak by 2020, leading to a number of natural disasters and shifting weather patterns across the world.

The Americas would see “rains approaching monsoon intensity” by 2025 and that “pollution would result in “disastrous crop failures” in the early 2020s.

She also claimed that “tidal waves” are on course for Florida and the Far East, saying that would happen between 2025 and 2030 caused by “an unprecedented swarm of hurricanes.”

Japan would also suffer from multiple hurricanes in 2026.

Families will have hovercrafts and homes with retractable roofs
People laughed initially when it was claimed everybody would have a computer in their homes, so we’re not ruling this one out.

Browne predicted that by 2040, homes would have a “retractable roof to allow the family hovercrafts to come and go”; the same way garages have retractable doors in American homes.

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