By Khaazra MaarRanu

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Anyone can start a business in minutes.

Today, you get an idea, go online and open up a store.

They say success loves speed and that is true, yet so do many of the hard lessons you will learn from rushing into things.

And sure, you can cut corners and experience success in the short-term, yet that will catch up to you.

Think of any relationship that you’ve rushed into, whether just friends or sexual.

It’s really good in the short-term because you haven’t stood the test of time, you can’t see the blind spots, the foundation hasn’t been set properly.

Now, think of what happens over time when you rushed into that relationship.

Was it good, bad, ok or plain ugly?

I’m sure the results are all over the board and maybe some of the relationships you entered into overnight actually worked, yet I’m sure the majority did not.

Even in a relationship that could turn into marriage or something serious, both sides need to do their due diligence such as counseling, investigations, looking into the backgrounds, checking out family, financial audits, assets, paperwork, etc…

And the same goes for business.

Why do we wait to find out all these things after the fact, after the emotion has subsided and after the honeymoon phase?

Hire the professionals, get “specialized” legal advice, do your homework and build a strong foundation so that your business is not here today and literally gone tomorrow.

Thanks for tuning in.

Until next time, I’m your host and editor of this episode, KhaazRa MaaRanu

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