Commemorating the 5th Anniversary of "The People's Bills"

By Antisia King


Today, we commemorate the fifth-year anniversary of "The People's Bills" Detroit City Council President Mary Sheffield, shared updates on the significant progress in Detroit and what lies ahead for the city. People from various backgrounds joined Mary Sheffield in her ongoing efforts to advocate for the community.

Distinguished guest speakers included Denise Lyles, who discussed the Senior Home Repair Grant, Felisha Tate from the D5 CAC (Community Advisory Council) and a Detroit resident who highlighted the Detroit Resident Discount Program, Wille Donwell representing the Property Tax Exemption program (HOPE), and Sarida Scott, who addressed the Board of Review Overassessment Allocation of $2 million. Additionally, Philip Mayor from the Community Input Over Government Surveillance (CIOGS) and the ACLU presented the Dignity Restoration Project. These speakers shed light on the positive impact that this packet of bills has had on the community.

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"Over the past five years, I have made it my mission to pass legislation that would positively impact the quality of life for every Detroiter. I am proud to continue fighting for residents, neighborhoods, small businesses, and everyone in between.” (Mary Sheffield)


In a short span of time, Mary Sheffield has accomplished a great deal in her advocacy for the people of Detroit. Some of her notable achievements include:
• The elimination of cash bail
• The Detroit Resident Discount Program
• Home Repair Grants
• Homeless Bill of Rights
• Recognizing Juneteenth as a paid city holiday
• Allocating $2 million for overassessment corrections
• Property Tax Exemption
• Wage increases for law enforcement officers


With heartfelt gratitude, Mary Sheffield extended her thanks to her dedicated team and the residents of Detroit for their unwavering support in pushing for change. The people of Detroit eagerly anticipate what the future holds for their Councilwoman and President of the City of Detroit Council.