Chuck Bennett Man of the Decade

By Demetrius Carrington

Cover photo by Steven Mitchell
Wardrobe by Fashion International, Styling by Larry Alebiosu


Charles Eric Bennett was born and raised on the Eastside of Detroit. From the beginning it was clear that Chuck had a swagger unlike most children; he would pick his own clothes and make a big fuss if he didn’t approve of what his Mother had chosen for him to wear on a particular day.


By the time Chuck got to High School he was a fashion expert. He would critique his classmates and offer fashion tips that they would gladly adhere to. He also enjoyed reading; if he wasn’t styling his friends he was reading a book.

After college he got a job as a Copy Messenger for the Detroit News. It wasn’t long before his knowledge of fashion and his infectious personality led to him getting his own column, “Style with Chuck Bennett” and the readers loved it.


Chuck quickly became a certified A-lister. Your party wasn’t cool unless Chuck Bennett was there. Chuck moved on to be the Society writer for the Detroit News, which was perfect for him because he could mix all his passions into one exciting format.

Chuck was the go-to-guy for the good life, writing during the week and often traveling to New York and LA to style his growing list of celebrity clients on the weekend.

Chuck has also hosted some very memorable parties; he spares no expense when it comes to his events. If you’re lucky enough to get on the guest list you won’t soon forget the experience. Having made The Saloniere list three years in a row for Best Party Hosts in America, he knows what he’s doing.


I’ve known Chuck for over twenty years and I’ve always been amazed at the love and admiration that he receives. Chuck is a great person; he’s giving with his time and resources and he’s never too busy for his friends. You would think a Man of his stature would be unreachable to many but he’s not. Chuck operates with humility and respect towards all.

He has also had a major influence on the popular culture in Detroit; it was Chuck who convinced Pepper Martin (former owner of the Broadway Clothing Store) to order $1,500 silk shirts from an emerging designer named Gianni Versace. “I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t think people would buy a shirt that expensive, but Chuck did, and we sold more Versace than Saks and it was all because of Chuck.”

Being the ultimate tastemaker, Chuck has been commissioned to consult on Luxury housing projects, restaurants, and even a hotel. I asked him, “What do you know about residential development?” He replied, “Nothing, they just wanted to know what I thought about the project.”

These days Chuck is co-host of the Podcast Talk’ish. The past year has been very rough for him because he’s been forced to sit still, not parties or travel. I recently asked him over his career what he was most proud of. Without hesitation, he stated his charity work.


Over the last decade Chuck has helped raise millions of dollars. He gladly lends his time to countless worthy causes; his work has undoubtedly saved many lives.

Forever reinventing himself, Chuck is showing no signs of slowing down; he already has a full calendar of charity events for next year.

I asked him, what is the secret of your success? Here’s Chuck’s Answer:


Congratulations Mr. Bennett you are the Beautiful Machine Magazine Man of the Decade!