Carmen Mi’chelle has embodied what the Motor-city is all about – TALENT! As a multi-faceted artist, Carmen Mi’chelle has explored many avenues of entertainment, including acting, music, dance, modeling, and filmmaking. Her Neo-Soul and trap-soul vibes resonate beautifully through her unique voice. She is expressive and poetic, with a little Detroit to spice it up!

Carmen Michelle Sheffield, artistically known as Carmen Mi’chelle was born and raised in Detroit, MI. The youngest child of a very musically inclined family, Carmen wanted to walk into her mother’s footsteps. “There were many nights I slept in the studio while my mom recorded gospel music, she was my first inspiration.” Her other inspirations are Brandy and Erykah Badu.

Carmen’s first love was writing. She loved to write songs and poems and even storybooks. Entertaining was always Carmen’s fun-loving outlet, as she was never camera shy. As a child she performed in the glee club (singing and acting) as well as first chair trumpeter in elementary and middle school band. As a youth, Carmen began modern and liturgical dancing, and was a youth dance and theater leader for many years.

Carmen’s love for music and acting quickly followed her into her adult life. Her first professional stage play with a lead role was called One Helluva Christmas, where she played a young girl that yearned for her mother’s love and acceptance. Casted by Je’ McClain, Carmen began to do many stage plays with Ms. McClain for a couple years, as well as other playwrights. Carmen’s greatest stage production was Perilous Times, a famously written and traveling stage production by TJ Hemphill. She worked alongside Clifton Powell and Christian Keys and it was a very life changing experience. Soon enough, film acting was calling her name. Carmen has worked with many independent filmmakers in Detroit as well as writing, directing and producing her first short film called Contemplation. She is also a comedic skit actress on social media. Carmen has had many lead roles in independent films including, O.L.U.R and Reflections of Myself, and the most recent film as Co-star in The Bag Girls released in July 2020.

Carmen Mi’chelle has performed at many open mic venues in Detroit, as well as performed in Rollins, IL at The Black Women’s Hair Expo to get her feet wet at the age of 19. She has traveled with her mother’s band and sang vocals in concert and events that aided the community. She also had the pleasure of performing background vocals for Maxine Jones, former member of En Vogue, in the year 2016 at the Dort Federal Event Center in Flint, Michigan. Although Carmen has written and performed features and hooks for many Detroit rappers, and recorded in studios with Helluva, Maestro, and White Mike just to name a few; she looks to create her own EP, which is currently in the works. “Being in studios where many of the legendary Motown artists have once stepped foot in has been very inspiring to me…” Carmen’s purpose has always been to inspire women to uplift themselves and others and hopes that her future success in life enables her to do so.


Beautiful Machine Magazine's Carita Miller had a chance to interview Carment Mi'Chelle. Here's a bit of their conversation.

What skills have you learned that will help you in your singing career?

First lesson I learned was confidence. It allows you to open yourself up more, and once you do that you can allow true emotion and passion to pour into your words. Also I learned that being myself and not imitating anyone else is truly what attracts your real supporters. Cause I mean, why do music if you can’t be yourself? I want to give me to the world and nothing else.

What kind of singer would you classify yourself as?

I typically don’t like to classify myself. I am open and versatile enough for many genres as I have many tastes in music. However, my voice is very soulful and sweet, then I’m also filled with much character. Im very much a lyricist and unique.

I see you also do some acting tell us more about that and how you got started there.

Yes I am an actress and I started doing stage plays as a child. As I got older in 2014 I reached out to an actor on social media that is also one of my closest friends now, and he led me to audition for a professional stage play and I got the part. I began to do more stage productions then I gradually began to act in independent films in Detroit. Which led me to becoming one of the star actors in The Bag Girls which has been my highest paying role as of yet, and it feels lovely! I’m also currently acting in a new web series called Detroit Dreamers with an amazing cast, that I also assist the creator Tekeya Bell with writing on a few of the episodes. And I also have a short film that I wrote and directed called Contemplation which can be found on my YouTube page.

What musician do you admire the most and why?

I love and admire Ms Erykah Badu! My auntie put me up on her when I was a young child and ever since then I’ve gravitated towards her unique sound. I love her because her energy is much like mine and she has so much feeling in her music. She is also a dancer and actress as well, and I also do modern and liturgical dance. I would love to meet her one day and vibe with her. Her music has taught me a lot, especially that I am powerful.


What was the role of music in the early years of your life?

Music was always everything. I come from a musical family. We all played instruments (I played trumpet) and my mom is a singer and pianist as well. I was always in the studio with her and her concerts traveling, watching her rehearsals in the basement with her band. I always aspired to be like her. Beautiful and talented. My first love was writing. I wrote songs, poems, and story books. I always had a singing group I created in ever school I went to. It’s just always been in me.

You just released your single summer baby tell us more about that song.

Summer baby is about fun and it’s my favorite time of year! I also wanted to tell a story. I know that a lot of us have experienced our significant other changing into a different person once summer comes, because they want to have fun, flirt, and not feel tied down. Sometimes you break up or get dumped then you’re back together after the summer. So I’m telling that story from a woman’s point of view.

Future plans?

Yes I plan to take my music farther and collaborate with other artists all over, especially in the UK. I will be releasing an EP soon, I have a wonderful team and relationships with dope producers that’ll help push my unique sound, and I’m just so excited for what’s to come. EP, Album, then Platinum are my goals. Allow me to reintroduce myself.




Groove-Ment Records, LLC

Carita Miller, A&R Valerie McIntosh, CFO (313)364-9310

Detroit Based Groove-Ment Records, LLC Lauunches the Highly Anticipated Debut Single “Summer Baby” by Actress / Singer / Songwriter Carmen Mi’Chelle Set to Drop on May 7, 2021.

Detroit, MI (April 15, 2021)- Groove-Ment Records heats up the summer season with the release of their debut artist Carmen Mi’Chelle’s “Summer Baby”. Written by up and coming Detroit-born actress/singer/songwriter Carmen Mi’Chelle and produced by

Detroit’s own Jupyter, Summer Baby is a switch up from the typical summer love song. Fans will be captivated by Carmen Mi’Chelle’s hypnotic voice as the song sends waves across the R&B and Hip-Hop scene. The budding singer delivers a complete package perfectly wrapped in the spirit of contemporary R&B, the dreamy and whimsical beats blend seamlessly with her expressive songwriting.

Summer Baby can be pre-ordered now through Distrokid with the release available for streaming and purchased download on May 7th at Midnight on all digital platforms including: Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube Music, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal and iHeartRadio!

About Carmen Mi’Chelle:

As a multi-faceted artist, Carmen Mi’Chelle has explored many avenues of entertainment, including acting, music, dance, modeling, and filmmaking. Her Neo-Soul and trap-soul vibes resonate beautifully through her unique voice. Carmen’s love for writing, music and acting has led to her performing at many open mic venues in Detroit as well as several stage plays, singing background vocals for Maxine Jones-former member of En Vogue, appearing on features and hooks for many Detroit rappers, and studio recording with Helluva, Maestro, and White Mike just to name a few. Find out more about Carmen Mi’Chelle at

About Groove-Ment Records, LLC:

Groove-Ment Records, LLC is an innovative-independent record label based in Detroit, Michigan providing a full range of industry services. Led by the entrepreneurial skills and executive talents of renowned CEO & Producer Tyrenn “Ghanz” Hines, the Groove-Ment sound resonates in all genres and reinvents the unique R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop sound that has been popularized by the Motor City. The late legend, Detroit's ‘Big Proof’, former member of D12 and close friend of Eminem once said that Ghanz was one of the top three producers of all music, putting him in the company of the late J Dilla and Dr. Dre. Follow Ghanz and the label’s talented line up at

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