By Demetrius Carrington
Photos by Wyron Matkins @iknwmyrn


When I first heard Brandon Williams’ latest album “The Love Factor” I knew that R&B had found a savior. His music is warm, sexy and smart.

The album's production is also superb, like a chef making a five star meal Brandon has selected the best ingredients to create a classic body of work.

On The Love Factor you’ll find Eric Roberson on the standout track “Don’t give up on Love”, Brian McKnight Jr. on “In love” and it goes on and on.

While listening to The Love Factor I found myself transported into a dream. I dreamed I was with a beautiful woman and we were having the time of our lives. We kissed, we laughed and we loved. The Love Factor inspires you that way from beginning to end. If love had a sound, this is what it would sound like.

Brandon Williams’ music is a far cry from the hyper-sexualized, hip-hop inspired R&B dominating mainstream culture, his music is sincere and refreshing. It’s mature but very current and interesting.

After meeting Brandon I understood, he’s thoughtful and very introspective. He has a great sense of humor but he’s also very serious. He loves making music and lives with a purpose. Brandon Williams is “The Love Factor” and you can hear the love in his music.

I recently got a chance to speak with him and here’s a bit of the conversation.


BMM: How would you describe your sound?

BW: My music is less of a sound and more of a feeling.

BMM: I agree, was that intentional?

BW: Not really, but when I create music I do it with the purest intentions so if I’m feeling love the listener may feel love as well.

I’m a fan of 70’s music, if you go back and listen to Frankie Beverly and Maze, Earth Wind and Fire or even the Ohio Players that music made you feel something. And perhaps I captured their magic (laughing)

BMM: I believe you have, you’re music is beautifully produced who influenced you?

BW: I’m a student of music, my influence is very vase

BMM: You’re not a vocalist correct?

BW: No, I produce the music and find the vocal talent that can best bring my musical vision to life

BMM: What’s your favorite song off the album?

BM: It’s a cover from my favorite Brazilian composer Ivan Lins called “Love Dance” it’s an incredible song and the vocalist is very special, Artia Lockett remember her name.

But actually my favorite changes almost daily, but today that’s my favorite

BMM: Tell me your top three people you’d like to collaborate with?

BW: Well I would like to record with Stevie Wonder again, and co-produce with Quincy Jones and Ivan Lins.

BMM: What can people expect from a Brandon Williams show?

BW: A ton of energy, I love for people to have a good time, you’ll laugh you my cry but for sure you’re going to feel something.

BMM: Thank you for your time


Thanks to Brandon Williams’ wonderful personality and pristine production “The Love Factor” is an R&B masterpiece that is sure to earn him his rightful place among the other legendary musicians and composers from the great city of Detroit.

After listening to every R&B record released in 2019 thus far, and with just about two months to spare, The Beautiful Machine is calling it early: The Love Factor by Brandon Williams is the album of the year.

Thank you Brandon for saving R&B!

Come meet Brandon at the Beautiful Machine Magazine “Beautiful People Brunch on Sunday October 20, 2019 at Steven Lelli’s On the Green from 11:00-3:00pm

Located at 27925 Golf Pointe BLVD Farmington Hills. For Pricing and to RSVP call 248-994-1111