Bobby Love: The Fugitive Who Got Caught Leading a Double Life for 40 Years

By Living Magazine


An Introvert of Sorts

Bobby had to work two jobs to support his family, and times got particularly hard for the family. The devoted dad, often surviving on just one hour’s sleep, always told his wife that they would make it through. “I’m not going anywhere,” he would think to himself, “unless somebody takes me.” He was living a new and better life and wasn’t planning on falling back on old times.

Relatives and friends of Love’s said that while he was somewhat of an introvert, he was never paranoid or too concerned about his past derailing his present. He wasn’t only active in the church; he also did charity work and attended community meetings – meetings in which the captain of the local police precinct appeared.

A Big Ol’ Check

All the while, Love kept his cool and was making a name for himself as a respected man in his community. No one, not even his family, would believe his criminal past. Then, in 2004, Love appeared at the state lottery offices in Manhattan to collect a $50,000 Pick 5 prize that he won. “They gave me a big ol’ check,” Love recalled.


“I just wasn’t worried that anything bad was going to happen to me,” he said. “It felt good with my life, my family. I get up every day, and I thank God I’m alive.” Those words were said by a man who managed to spend 37 years as a fugitive, a man who felt all too confident with his new way of life. But that would all soon change.

Something Was Different

He seemed to be very much a family man, but he rarely spoke with strangers, hardly ever socialized with friends, and seemed a little nervous when people would stop him on the street to ask for directions. As time went by, the careful Love became bolder with his actions. He brought his family back to his home town in North Carolina for a vacation.


“There was a piece missing,” Cheryl later said about her marriage to Bobby. “Something was different.” Bobby’s wife and his friends were starting to notice little oddities. For instance, Bobby didn’t like to be in pictures. He was wary of speaking to strangers and kept to himself most of the time. Something was off as if he was hiding something.

The End of the Road

As the years went by, Bobby was feeling a bit more comfortable. He attended funerals for two of his nine siblings; one was in North Carolina and the other in Washington, D.C. Authorities aren’t confirming it, but Love thinks that someone at one of those funerals – maybe even a relative in law enforcement – ratted him out.


But Cheryl was far from comfortable. Bobby would close himself off during his arguments with Cheryl. “I remember during Christmas of 2014, I was on my knees in church, saying ‘Lord, please, I can’t do this anymore,’” Cheryl admitted. “That was a few weeks before everything went down.” Shortly after, the FBI was in his bedroom, strapping him into handcuffs. It was the end of Bobby Love… for now.

A Regular Morning

The day Cheryl Love found out about her husband’s past was when the FBI came to their door in January of 2015. Cheryl woke up and began her morning routine like she usually did, making herself a cup of tea. Meanwhile, Bobby was asleep in their bedroom when she heard a knock at the door. “I opened it slowly and saw the police standing there.”


“At first, I wasn’t worried,” she admitted. The married couple lived next to a “crazy lady” for years, and the cops were known to come and check in on her from time to time. Cheryl figured that they must have knocked on the wrong door. “But the moment I opened the door, twelve officers came barging past me.”

He Had a Long Run

Cheryl didn’t know it yet, but this day marked a moment in her world would that would completely shake her to her core. The officers that rushed by Cheryl and into her house had the unmistakable letters “FBI” on their jackets. Cheryl didn’t know what was happening, but she knew it was bad. So she followed the officers into her home.


“They went straight back to the bedroom, and walked up to Bobby,” she recalled of that moment. She heard the officers ask Bobby, “What’s your name?” his response: “Bobby Love.” They asked again: “No, what’s your real name?” and that’s when Cheryl heard her husband mumble something under his breath. “You’ve had a long run,” the officers told him.

More Disappointed Than Embarrassed

Suddenly, the Feds were putting Bobby in handcuffs. Cheryl stood there in shock and pleaded with them, asking them what was happening. “This goes way back, Cheryl. Back before I met you,” Bobby told her as he was pushed out the door. “My world came crashing down,” said Cheryl. She also said that her disappointment trumped her embarrassment.


“Bobby had deceived me for all those years. There was no truth in our house.” Cheryl remarked that the moment was “like I was in a movie; a Lifetime movie.” But despite the intense wave of emotions, she felt that she needed to do something. Despite all of the lies and deception, Cheryl decided to stay with her husband of nearly 40 years.

Grim Circumstances

Let’s face it, a fugitive who was on the run for 37 years was clearly going to face grim circumstances. He was being held in New York’s infamous Rikers Island while he awaited extradition to North Carolina. There, he would face the prospects of having to serve the final ten years of his original sentence. Not to mention the added time for his escape.


Cheryl went to visit her husband at Rikers and saw exactly how serious the circumstances were. “When I first visited him in prison, he broke down crying. His head was in his hands, and he told me: ‘I know, you’re going to leave me.’” But Cheryl made up her mind already, and leaving him wasn’t an option.

For Better or For Worse

Cheryl told her husband behind bars: “No Bobby Love, I married you for better or for worse. And right now, this is the worst.” Cheryl started a mission of her own. She did everything she could think of to try to get her husband home again – where she felt he belonged. She would write letters to the governor, and she even sent one to President Obama himself.


“We Love”

While it seemed like an impossible task, Cheryl’s hard work paid off. After a year in prison, the parole board agreed to let Bobby return to his freedom. He was thus released in 2016, about a year after the FBI stormed his home. The 69-year-old has legally changed his name to Bobby Love and has since focused on rebuilding his marriage.


“The day after he was set free, I sat him down and asked: ‘What is it? Are we the Loves? Or are we the Millers?’” Bobby said: “We Love. We Love.” Cheryl, who stood by her husband’s side through the whole thing, in the end, forgave the man who disguised himself and deceived her for so many years.

Forgiving Bobby

Cheryl ultimately forgave Bobby, and their marriage grew to be better than it had been before Bobby’s secret was revealed. His persona shifted, and he was no longer jumpy. He engaged more with people and was open and attentive to his wife. The two were connected like never before. “I feel like a big burden has been lifted off my shoulders,” Miller told the Daily News.


“I’m trying to put my life back together.” As for Cheryl, she confessed that she still has her resentments. “I used to walk on eggshells. I used to just go along. But I told him one thing. I said: ‘Bobby, I’ll take you back. But I’m not taking a backseat to you no more.’”

No More Secrets

For many couples, prison and being on the run usually ruins lives and marriages. But for Cheryl and Bobby, it only made their marriage better in the end. Cheryl said how she’s glad to see that there are no longer any secrets in the family. “He doesn’t have to hide anymore,” she said. She was finally in the marriage she always wanted.


As for their daughter’s perspective. “I’m not ashamed of my father or what he did,” Jessica, 27, said. “Shocked, surprised, yes. My father was determined to change his life, and for 40 years or so, he did just that.” according to attorney Rita Mavunda, to ignore all that he had done and put him behind bars would be the real miscarriage of justice.

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