Best kissing tips that will make your man crazy about you

By Olivia Kabir


People say that “A kiss is when two souls meet each other with the tips of their lips.” It is an indescribable feeling of happiness, love, and joy. Kisses are like beautiful flowers, which need to be given only to those who deserve it. If you have found the right person, whom you love with all your heart and want to kiss him all the time, you will find some useful recommendations on how to kiss here. Check out types of kisses guys like.


What types of kisses do guys like
The most simple lip kiss can be performed in wide variations: with strong or soft pressure, light biting, touching the corners of the mouth, etc. The duration of such a kiss gives freedom of imagination and often this kind of caress is the beginning of love foreplay.

The kisses of the most sensitive parts of the body — neck or earlobes are especially pleasant for guys. Such affection can release the sensuality of even the biggest shy. A delightful and smooth touch of the lips to his closed eyes will make him smile.

Kinds of kisses can be distinguished not only by the part of the body you kiss but also by the technique of a kiss. Lips can be strained or kept relaxed. Kiss-bite is extremely exciting, but it is not recommended to bite the eyes, tongue, and upper lip.

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If you want to know everything about kissing, and then improve your kissing technique, you need to practice a lot. Try different options, and find for yourself the most optimal. Kiss with different speed, intensity, duration. We have compiled for you the top-10 most popular kisses. Ladies, read attentively to know how to please your boyfriends. Pay attention to the reaction of your man to the way you kiss him, it will tell you a lot, whether he likes or not, and even can help you to find out the kiss that makes him crazy about you.

1. Lip kiss
A gentle and romantic way of showing love can be a lovely lip kiss. Kissing correctly in this way is not difficult just do not open your mouth. You should not also press your lips to the lips of your man, let the lips be relaxed. Play with lips of the guy gently, believe us, your man will like this.

2. Tongue kiss or French kiss
This is the most popular kiss, and men love it a lot. This type of kiss involves not only lips but also tongues. Follow these tips to know how to French kiss your beloved man: open and close your lips slowly, then tenderly study every lip corner of your beloved one. Do not strain your tongue and do not leave it in the mouth of your boyfriend for too long. Touch teeth of the beloved one with your tongue. You can also add smooth biting movements separately on the upper, then on the lower lip. It should be done carefully because the skin of the lips is very sensitive and tender.

3. "Sparkling" kiss
If you want to play a little with the texture, taste, and smell, then try to add to your kiss some champagne or something else that has a sparkling or creamy structure. Drink a small sip of the selected drink and leave a little of it on your lips.

4. Eskimos kiss
There is a special kind of kissing when a couple rubs their noses in the culture of the Eskimos. Most often the eyes are closed during such a kiss. It is not a kiss in the usual sense, because lips are not involved in Eskimos kiss, but it is so sweet.

5. Butterfly kiss
Another kind of kissing without lips is the “butterfly kiss.” In this case, the two braces against each other as close as possible with their closed eyes, so that their cilia touch each other. Then everyone starts to blink slowly and move the cilia, like butterfly wings. So you sort of tickle each other.

6. Neck kiss
One of the most sensual and passionate kisses is a neck kiss, where there are many sensitive points. Such kisses became especially popular after the release of the vampire saga. A pleasant addition to this can be the kiss of the jugular foss (the foss at the base of the neck, which is located in the middle between the collarbones). Touch it softly with your lips and imagine that you are drinking a cocktail from a straw, make several suction movements.

7. Kissing earlobes
Some women like to kiss the earlobes of their loved ones, and many guys love when they are kissed this way. Such gentle kisses make the heart of a man tremble. If you want to add a bit of sharpness to your kisses, then you can lightly bite the earlobe. You can hug your boyfriend from the back and kiss his earlobes. This way you will add special sensuality to your kiss.

8. Moist kiss
Whatever type of kiss you choose, add a little saliva to it to make it moist. Just know the measure.

9. Yummy kiss
You will need some sweets to make such a kiss correctly. For example, you can buy an ice cream cone and start eating it, so that you can later meet for a kiss. You can also use different candies in the form of tubes. In South Korea, such kisses are called “Peppero Kiss”; they use special cookies covered on one side with chocolate.

10. Blown kiss
You can create a playful and joyful romantic mood with the help of blown kisses. Send and catch each other's kisses with joyful smiles. Do it just for no special reason.

Best way to kiss your man
If you want to know how to kiss correctly, and also to check how effective your kissing method is, pay attention to your palm, on the inner surface of which there are a lot of nerve endings. Kiss your palm can show you whether you still need to work on your kissing technique or you are a master.

During the kiss, close your eyes so that you can enhance the sensations. When the sense of touch works in full force, vision rests. Besides, it shows that you trust your soul mate.

Connect your hands during a kiss. Gently hug your partner by the shoulders or waist, smoothly run your hands over his neck and touch the hair. You can easily take the partner’s face into your own hands.

You can play with your man and pull away during the kiss, he is a hunter let him hunt your lips.

Be a lady, and, especially, on first dates. Do not try during the kisses to “lick” your partner from head to toe. Do not press your partner too tightly, because he needs to breathe.

When you kiss another person, remember that not only you should like it, both of you should receive joy and positive emotions. Watch the reaction of your boyfriend during your expressions of love for each other. Maybe your kissing style is different, or you are too enthusiastic. And your lover is just too shy to tell you the truth, which can hurt your feelings.

Visualization helps some people to study how to kiss and improve their abilities. They practice a future event, and at the same time, they try to present as clearly as possible what they will do and how to kiss their partner.

Before you kiss your man, look into his eyes and try to express all your feelings with your eyes. In the process of kissing, mentally send signals about how you love your partner and how much he means to you. Dissolve at this moment, do not think about anything else except your love and feelings!