Artist Spotlight: Michael From the East


Born and raised in Harlem, New York. Michael From The East has lived his life through music.

Raised In a spiritual household his Father Rev. Booker and Mother First Lady Booker has always prayed over him and his sister Ashley. At a young age, it was revealed he had a gift no one knew about, that gift would transform and mature into the sound we’re hearing today.


During high school most of his time was committed to making melodies and writing lyrics. His passion for music was undeniable. After fully indulging into music he realized that this was the life always wanted.

Michael From the East has released 3 EPs, the most current being “F.T.E.”, alone with countless singles. He has worked with numerous producers and has a plethora of features, helping him become a true staple in New York’s music scene. Michael From The East is the sound of the future.

See for yourself!