Artist Spotlight: Felicia Temple

By Carita Miller


Felicia Temple’s music has that magical quality that only reveals itself after overcoming years of hardship. A cancer survivor and Registered Nurse who went on to work in the ICU during the depths of the Covid-19 crisis, her powerful story has endeared her to fans around the world. Now, as she enters the post quarantine era, Felicia is preparing to share her sultry brand of R&B with a larger audience than ever before.

Felicia honed her skills at the famed Village Underground in New York City before making her breakthrough as a contestant on season 12 of The Voice. Her success introduced her to an international fanbase, and soon, she was touring prolifically, both as a solo artist and supporting Grammy-nominated singer Deborah Cox. Felicia was touring internationally on the Whitney Houston Hologram Tour and enjoying the biggest success of her career when the pandemic hit. She devoted herself to tirelessly working to save lives, while risking her own every day.

Felicia’s passion for both music and medicine is represented by her third and most recent release, ‘The Balancing Act.’ The six track EP debuted at #22 on the iTunes R&B chart. She has since amassed almost two million streams on all digital platforms and been viewed over eight million times on YouTube. She is also a well known studio vocalist, recording references and vocals for artists and writers, as well as producing vocal content for Splice.

With several acclaimed releases to her name, she has proven to be an artist with rare staying power. Her latest single “How You Do That,” released in June 2021, is the first single off Bedroom Chronicles II; the long awaited sequel to her 2014 Bedroom Chronicles EP, which releases July 2, 2021. Felicia’s music is available on all digital streaming platforms.


I got a chance to interview Felicia and here is a bit of our conversation:

CM: How/when did your music career begin?
FT: I've been singing ever since I can remember. My parents say I was humming on key to songs in my car seat. I come from a family full of musicians. Everyone sings, everyone plays an instrument. Growing up, family parties usually turned into jam sessions. My dad is an artist himself, and I really got my start singing backgrounds and traveling with him. I quickly realized being an artist was what I was born to do.
CM: In my recent research, I found out that you were a contestant on “The Voice,” which I was not aware of that's when I first discovered your music! What was that Experience like?
FT: "The Voice" was an interesting experience to say the least. I learned a lot about the world of television, some good, some bad. In the end, I am grateful to have had the experience at all. It wasn't something I was actively seeking; casting actually reached out to me, so I felt like it was just meant to be. I gained so many new fans and was able to capture the attention of some audiences I never would have otherwise. For those thinking about doing any type of singing competition TV shows, just know, everything that glitters is not gold.
CM: To also learn that you are a cancer survivor really shocked me. They say “thank GOD we don’t look like what we go through.” Not only that, you are a Registered Nurse and you worked the ICU unit during the peak of The Covid-19 crisis. What words of encouragement would you like to offer to anyone reading this interview or even to those who may have gone through a similar situation when overcoming/dealing with cancer?
FT: Everyone goes through something, no one is exempt. It's not what happens to you, it's the way you react. No situation by default is inherently good or bad, it's the way we think about it that makes it so. I try to react to all situations with gratitude. Granted, sometimes that is easier said than done, but I don't let any situation get me down for too long. In everything, you can find something to be grateful for.

CM:Ok so on a lighter note, you’ve done some International touring with the Whitney Houston Hologram Tour! That’s awesome! How did that opportunity come about? Have you toured with anyone else? Are there plans for a future tour anytime soon?
FT: The Whitney Houston Hologram Tour was an incredible experience. I wish I could have met Whitney while she was alive, but I hope that we made her proud. The tour, even though it was cut short, was a beautiful experience. I got a call from Keith Harris, who was the music director/arranger for the show (who is also a Grammy award winning producer, as well as the drummer and MD for The Black Eyed Peas) and he asked me to join the show. Due to COVID, we never got to finish the European leg of the tour, but the show is now forever cemented in history in Las Vegas, with its own residency at Harrah's. For the Vegas show, I pre-recorded all of the background vocals for the entire show, so it's my honor to be singing with her every night now! I have also toured quite a bit with Deborah Cox, who has been such a mentor and a friend to me. For right now I don't have any plans to tour, but that can change at any moment. I hope the next time I tour, it's for my own music.


CM: I’m absolutely loving the Bedroom Chronicles series, will we get a part 3?
FT: This question comes up quite bit. I never say never, because Bedroom Chronicles seems to be an ongoing theme for me, but I think it will be a little while before anyone sees a part 3. I have some different flavors of music I'd like to share with the world first.

CM: What should we expect next from Felicia Temple?
FT: Next up will be some music people can groove to. I want to do whatever feels good to my soul, whether that be electronic, lo-fi, soulful house, or pop ballads. Hold on to your seats!!