A message from Arthur Bricker

I want to thank all of the loyal customers that I have met over the years at my store. I’ve been involved in the fur business my entire adult life. I learned the basics of the fur trade from my father, Jacob Bricker who founded the store in 1916. Instead of pursuing my first career choice to become a lawyer, I instead joined my father in business. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The wonderful people I have met along the way have included numerous Motown stars, Hollywood actors and actresses, professional athletes, elected officials, and professionals from every walk of life. I feel blessed to work in a business that I love, and I appreciate the support from customers over the years that have allowed our business to grow and prosper. We are looking forward to an exciting season as we approach the holidays.


As trends change, so does style. In our business of selling furs we realize that the changing social agenda has made it necessary to incorporate new looks in fur fashions at price points that reach out to the average buyer. I have had the pleasure of assisting many generations of customers all have different styles. We have traveled to Europe to bring in the newest fur fashions ranging from the most elegant formal looks, to everyday styles to wear anytime.

After a period of a decreased sales, furriers across the country are seeing a huge demand for everyday furs from both men and women. Our expert stylists and fitters will assist you in selecting the right fur for your lifestyle and your budget. We look forward to providing you with excellent service, selection and a fair, affordable price.

And again, thank you and I love you all!

Arthur Bricker