Are we headed to another Civil War?


When you look at the news, it almost seems like there are two Americas. The first America believes in truth, equality, justice, and freedom for everybody. The second America is comprised of people who want to spew hatred, division, racism, and embrace propaganda and conspiracy theories that are untrue.

In political terms, it is a battle between the left-wing and right-wing of America. The election of President Donald Trump seemed to bring the far-right Americans out of the shadows and into the public spotlight. He continually fills their heads with hateful lies about left-wing Democrats and how they’re supposedly trying to take away their rights and destroy democracy.

Instead of uniting Americans, President Trump is dividing Americans every day. He claims that weak Democratic mayors are responsible for all the rioting and violence on their city streets. The truth is the increase in violence on the streets started under President Trump’s watch. What is he doing to stop it? Nothing. He just keeps blaming other people.

What’s worse is there are partisan television news networks and misleading internet message boards that support the President’s lies and basically assist him in dividing and scaring people. It has gotten to the point where you can’t even talk about politics without it causing an argument or physical confrontation. Tensions in America have not been this high in a long time.

As for the left-wing, they are angry about all the police shootings involving unarmed black men. Whenever such an incident occurs, it sparks protests on the streets. Sometimes the protests turn violent, but not because of the protesters. It is usually caused by right-wing outsiders trying to provoke the protesters. But the right-wing news media will blame the rioting and violence on the left without acknowledging the right.

If misinformation continues to spread, it could possibly motivate people to try and start a Second Civil War.

The Second Civil War
The First Civil War was necessary. The Union Army of the north wanted to end slavery, something the Confederate Army of the south had opposed. Well, we all know how that war turned out. The Confederacy surrendered, and President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation into law, granting freedom to African Americans.

If a Second Civil War were to happen, what would be the purpose? It would merely be a political battle between hateful conservatives and liberals seeking equality and justice. Of course, some left-wing groups have a hateful and extreme ideology, such as Antifa. But most leftists are not the ones marching down the streets with assault weapons and trying to intimidate people. Those are far right-wing Americans who love the Second Amendment and want to go back to a time when the white race was the superior race.

Will a Second Civil War actually happen? No, it won’t. People might talk tough on the computer and march down the streets with their weapons on display, but most of them are not going to start a war. It would require them to sacrifice themselves and their comfortable civilian lives. That is not about to happen.

Besides, the United States military is so powerful, and it exists everywhere. If a war were to start on the streets of America, the military would shut it down quickly. Civilians do not have enough weaponry or organized manpower to start a real war.

And contrary to what some ring-wingers might believe, the military is not about to step in and help them fight the war. The military code of honor is too important to them, no matter what their personal political beliefs may be.