Are These Common Clothing Items Hurting Your Health?

By Bryana Holcomb


Most of us want to follow the fashion trends that are currently in style. Tight jeans, cute bras, and high heels, but what many of us may not expect to find out is that these common items could be causing health issues for our bodies. Finding the proper fit in any piece of clothing that you wear not only looks better, but also does a lot for maintaining a healthy lifestyle than you may think.

Tight Pants
Everyone loves a good pair of skinny jeans that show off our curves. Although when a pair is too tight, you can begin to cause damage to your lower extremities. Common symptoms include sore muscles, numbness, and rashes. This is because over time your nerves become compressed and your blood flow is greatly reduced.

Prolonged wear will begin to show through damage to your muscles. One of the worst offenders are leggings who become a breeding ground for bacteria and skin rashes as they are tight and often encourage the build-up of sweat.

If your pant of choice for everyday wear is skinny jeans or leggings, opt for pairs with some stretch to them.

Remember to wash them often and always wear clean underwear in between as a barrier layer.

A well-fitting bra can do a lot for a woman’s confidence and also provides her with the daily support she needs. When the bra is too large or too small, however, many surprising health issues can arise. A bra that fits tight will place a strain on the muscles throughout the back, neck, and shoulders causing pain, fatigue, and postural issues.

Sweat can also build up under a tight band leading to a wide range of skin rashes and infections. When your straps begin to dig into your skin this can also lead to bruising. Underwires that dig into the lower part of your breasts can become open wounds that turn into scars.

It’s worth noting that loose fitting bras are not any better for your health. The lack of support loose fitting bras have encouraged breast sagging and muscle strain as gravity steps in to do its job. Bulging, overflow, cup gaping, and underwire sitting above the breast are all clear signs that your bra does not fit well.

Take the time once a year to get properly sized for a bra that gives you the support you need. Not only will it look better under clothing, but it puts you on track to maintain strong breast health.

Underwear often creates a warm and welcoming environment to a host of bacterias. You may even be surprised to know that certain fabrics and color dyes can have an effect on this. Particularly for women: thongs, which move bacteria easily from the back to the front lead to yeast and urinary tract infections.

For men, tight boxer briefs can limit the production of sperm as the internal temperature of the scrotum rises from restriction.

Only wear tight underwear for physical activities, and spend the rest of your day in underwear that allows breathability. Additionally, be cautious of which fabrics your underwear are made of. For the purpose of moisture wicking, choose a synthetic material and for everyday wear opt for a cotton blend.

High Heels
We all have that one pair of high heels that pair perfectly with our little black dress, but we might want to consider twice before throwing them on for a long night out with the girls. Heels can cause serious pain and damage to your feet, knees, hips, and spine including muscle imbalances, tendonitis, and bone issues.

Less severe, but unsightly issues such as bunions, toe deformity, ingrowing toenails can also occur. Not too much how easy it is to lose your balance and fall over in them putting you at risk of breaks and sprains.

Avoid wearing high heels for a prolonged amount of time. When you do wear them choose a pair that has room for your feet to move and consider adding a gel insert inside. It also helps to wear a supportive pair of shoes to your destination and change into the heels once you arrive there.

Backpacks and Handbags can affect your posture and balance when the weight is not evenly distributed. This is why your back and shoulder muscles begin to ache at the end of a long day at work, school, or even the mall. A heavy bag can weigh down on your upper extremities and can even create pinched nerves in this area.

Search for a bag with supportive straps that will help to distribute the support evenly across your shoulders and back. Empty it out at least once a week to lighten the load you are placing on your back and shoulders each day.

Bathing Suit Bottoms
Staying in your wet bathing suit bottoms for several hours could lead to the growth of bacteria. Bacteria’s favorite place to breed is in wet, warm and dark places. Because the material most bathing suits are made to stay wet for a long period of time, they can become harmful to your health.

It’s important that you change into dry bottoms immediately after getting out of the water. Also, make sure that your bottoms have a little give to them so they have room to breathe.

Humans have been investing in shapewear since ancient days. We have these idealistic body figures that we are told are desirably placed into our brains from a young age. Because of this, we spend money on shapewear that helps us create that ideal shape by sucking everything in by the method of corsets and spandex.

The truth is, however, that shapewear is horrible for our health. The issue we create by forcing everything into one place is that there isn’t a lot of room for everything to move internally. The organs become squished and we find ourselves having stomach pains and even trouble breathing.

When you choose to wear shapewear, do it sparingly. Save it for special occasions and limit the length of time you wear it for.

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