Anj’na Goodwin wants to bake you a cake


Hello everyone, my name is Anj’na Goodwin! I am the owner of Caked Up Kitchen. We specialize in custom cakes and sweet treats.


Caked Up Kitchen was established in 2017 after I decided to leave my job as a cake decorator and become a full time cake artist on my own.

I have always been into art and I wanted to express my true self, food art was the way for me to do that.

I have been in business for almost 5 years and in that time my business has grown tremendously.


My vision is to have a place where people can also come in and be taught how to create beautiful cakes.

My biggest goal is to soon open up my cake studio with an online cake store and bakery right here in Pontiac.

Contact info
Instagram: cakedupkitchen
Facebook: CakedupLLC
Contact number: 248-842-6967
Contact email:
Located in Pontiac, Michigan 48340