America the Last 12 years


The United States of America has achieved several significant milestones over the last 12 years. Many of these milestones have been positive and uplifting, while others have held the country back from achieving more progress.

As you review these milestones and setbacks, perhaps you can judge for yourself how specific progress was able to be achieved and stopped.

America Elects Its First Black President

The year 2008 was a monumental year. The beginning of it was very gloomy because the Great Recession had just struck America. Millions of people lost their jobs, and the foreclosure rates had reached unprecedented levels. Americans were eager to bring new leadership to the country, and that is what they did.

On Election Day of 2008, the nation elected its first black president, Barack Obama. It was just what the country needed during its time of despair and hardship. President Obama ended up delivering on his promises by pulling the country out of its recession and creating new jobs for the American people.

In 2011, President Obama led the mission that captured and killed 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden. And a year before that, he signed landmark healthcare legislation into law known as the Affordable Care Act, which gave healthcare to 20 million Americans.

Black Lives Matter

In 2013, the Black Lives Matter movement started after three African American female activists posted the hashtag “#BlackLivesMatter” on their social media posts. The hashtag was in response to George Zimmerman’s acquittal on the charge of shooting and killing an unarmed African American teenager named Trayvon Martin.

It took another couple of years for the movement to gain strength. But after the series of incidents involving unarmed black men getting shot and killed by white police officers, the Black Lives Matter movement grew stronger. Now it is one of the most prominent activist movements for racial equality amongst African Americans.

Gay Rights

Each of the 50 states has its own marriage laws. Some of these states started to allow same-sex marriage in 2004. However, these same-sex couples were still not entitled to the same federal benefits as straight couples because the federal laws did not recognize same-sex marriages as legitimate marriages.

On July 9th, 2015, the United States Supreme Court ruled that gay couples have the right to get married in all 50 states. Any state that banned gay marriage could no longer enforce their restrictions on it. Of course, there were many Christians and right-wing conservatives who did not like this decision. They saw it as unconstitutional and an act of judicial tyranny.

Me Too Movement

The “Me Too” Movement is associated with female activists bringing attention to the constant sexual assault and harassment that takes place against women in the workplace.

A female activist named Tarana Burke started the movement with the hashtag “#MeToo” in 2006, but its popularity didn’t take off until 2017. That was around the time when dozens of women accused disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and harassment, including many famous actresses.

The story got widespread media attention, and it opened the door for other women to talk about their experiences with sexism and assault in the workplace.

As you can see America has made a lot of changes in the last twelve years. I’m hopeful that in the next twelve years we can finally conquer racial equality and shorten the wealth gap I have my fingers crossed.

We’ll see,

God bless America