A Trip Home (it's time to visit Africa)

By Demetrius Carrington


I see so many Black People posting their vacations pictures and I often wonder why more people aren't visiting Mother Africa? I know the media only shows the worst parts of Africa, who can forgot the commercial with the starving child with the bloated belly with flies all over his body.

Yes, it has more than its fair share of problems but it’s so much more to Mother Africa. People forget that Africa is a continent with 54 countries. It’s a place of extraordinary wealth and innovation, what we see in the media only tells a small portion of the very large story.

Beautiful Machine Magazine is in the process of putting together “A trip home” a group trip to Ghana, the goal of the trip is to gain a greater understanding of Africa and all it has to offer.

After visiting Africa everyone I’ve spoken to tells me a similar story, they describe this overwhelming feeling of love, a feeling of complete acceptance, it felt like they were home.

In the coming months as the world gets back a form of normalcy we will be sharing more details about “A trip Home.”

Below is some information from our travel partner, it will give you some further insight on Ghana and about their company.

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