A Survivor’s Story: How It Really Feels to Have Coronavirus

By Wendy Saltzman

Tom Degnan was out for a springtime walk during the day and suffering severe body aches that night. He describes how he felt in a video diary

A local man who tested positive for the novel coronavirus says he’s been battling the virus for 13 days. He shared his story with NBC10’s Wendy Saltzman.

What does it feel like to live with coronavirus?

Tom Degnan of Conshohocken knows; he got sick March 17 and is now recovering. And he recorded these video diary entries.

Part 1: Watch as he describes the feeling of suddenly getting very sick. "The first five or six days were probably the toughest," he said. "And the scariest. it is def not something to be taken lightly. It sneaks up on you in a hurry and drops you very quickly."

Part 2: How do you keep your friends and family safe?

Part 3:
How do you recover, including what medication can you take? "The cough is brutal," he said. Codine helped. "It's the only possible way I can get some sleep."

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