A Few Good Men Three of Detroit's Most Eligible Bachelors

In the heart of Detroit, a vibrant city known for its industrious spirit, four remarkable men stand out as some of the Motor City's most eligible bachelors. Not only are they incredibly successful in their respective careers, but they also possess a rare combination of kindness, old-fashioned values, and a modern outlook. These gentlemen are not just looking for love; they are ready to settle down, with marriage and lifelong commitment on their minds.

Andre Ash
Digital Anchor at the Michigan Chronicle


Andre Ash, a digital anchor at the Michigan Chronicle, combines charisma and intellect effortlessly. As a trusted voice in the community, he is well-known for his dedication to uplifting stories and providing a platform for underrepresented voices. Andre is on the hunt for a partner who shares his passion for advocacy and is equally committed to making a positive impact on Detroit. With a blend of traditional values and a forward-thinking mindset, he envisions a future where he and his soulmate create a brighter, more inclusive city.


Reggie Brown
Sr. Strategist - Account Director at Pitch Black, a Real Times Media Company


Reggie Brown is a creative strategist with a brilliant mind and a passion for innovation and results. He is the man behind some of the most engaging marketing strategies impacting Black audiences, in Detroit and nationwide. His work is a testament to his creativity, vision, and continuous desire to raise the bar. Reggie is the product of high school sweethearts, who have been married just shy of 40 years and counting. He believes in a love that is refreshing, adventurous, patient, and inspiring. He values family, substance, reciprocation, and old-fashioned chivalry. Reggie looks forward to showering his partner with love, respect, and the promise of a future filled with shared dreams and unforgettable moments.


Derrick Martin
Business Consultant / Managing Partner, Sugchairo Moi & Martin


Derrick Martin, a seasoned business consultant, brings a wealth of wisdom and ambition to the table. His success in the corporate world is a testament to his hard work and determination. While he excels in the boardroom, Derrick is looking for a partner with whom he can build a life rooted in traditional values. He believes in the power of commitment and is eager to embrace the responsibilities and joys of marriage with someone who shares his vision.

These four distinguished men are a testament to the thriving spirit of Detroit, and they are ready to embrace the next chapter of their lives with open hearts. As they seek long-term relationships that could lead to marriage, they embody the perfect blend of old-fashioned values and modern thinking. Detroit's most eligible bachelors are not just looking for love; they are searching for a partnership that will be as enduring and dynamic as the city itself.