7 Morning Rituals That Will Help You Become Your Best Self In 2022

By Brianna Wiest


1. Get ready every day.
How you show up to your own life each day — whether or not anyone else will see you — sets the tone for how you experience your day.

Whether you’ve spent the better part of the last two years adjusting to a work-from-home schedule, or have found it too tiring to put real effort in each morning, remember that you are what you most commonly do.

Take a few moments each morning to get yourself ready, even in the simplest ways. Adopt a personal ‘uniform’ of your favorite basics. Find a way to style yourself that’s both easy and makes you feel more like who you really are inside. Even if nobody else sees it but you, the way you feel has a strong influence into who you become.

2. Savor your morning coffee in quiet.
Take even just ten minutes to sit quietly and have your beverage of choice first thing in the morning.

This is a simple way to set a ritual around something most people do regardless, to treat yourself to something you enjoy, energize yourself, and ease into the day.

Remember that life is really about the way we savor the little things, so make sure you take some time to do just that.

3. Nourish yourself, and take your supplements.
Start your day with a meal that you love, and remember to take your vitamins and supplements. Try your hand at Nature’s Way’s B-stress for finding calm, St. John’s Wort for getting grounded, and Sustained Focus for those days when it feels like you have an entire mountain to climb within the next eight hours.*

Success begins internally first, and sometimes, it’s most important that we remember to give our bodies what they most need to be healthy and thrive.

4. Move your body.
Even if you don’t have time to get to the gym for an hour each day, start the morning by stretching or doing yoga on the floor, or even just taking some deep breaths.

If you can, take a walk to your local coffee shop for your morning drink. Whatever way you can get yourself up and moving and get your breath going is going to help you wake up and begin your day well.

5. Recite your affirmations in the shower.
Make a list of three to five things you’d like to be true about yourself. Repeat them to yourself daily. When we affirm our thoughts about ourselves, we begin to construct new beliefs through our subconscious minds. Affirmations can sound like: “I am brave,” or “I am healthy.”

Use your morning shower as a moment of quiet to repeat these statements. It will help you stay consistent, and some even believe that manifesting in the shower is powerful.

6. Set an intention for the day.
Each day, rise and ask yourself: How can I move the needle forward today?

It’s easy to let time pass us by while we take care of managing all of life’s little details, but it’s important to remember that what we plant now, we reap later. Each morning, decide on one small way you can move forward in a meaningful way, even if it’s just chipping away at a big goal.

Whether it’s writing a paragraph, exercising, meditating, or practicing managing your emotional reactivity, invest in something today that your future self will appreciate tomorrow.

7. Seek inspiration.
Whenever you have a pocket of time, use it to seek inspiration. Listen to music, or podcasts, or audiobooks. Sift through accounts that inspire you. Create digital vision boards. Do whatever you can to spark a little bit of interest deep within you, and then go from there.

The truth is that inspiration shows us to our desires, and our desires show us to our life’s purposes. Begin with the smallest things that make you feel warm inside. It will do more than you know.

Originally Published: https://thoughtcatalog.com/brianna-wiest/2021/11/7-morning-rituals-that-will-help-you-become-your-best-self-in-2022/