5 Can’t miss career choices for EX-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick

By Demetrius Carrington


The word spread like wildfire that Kwame Kilpatrick was going to be released from prison due to the threat of the Coronavirus. I was elated. I think he’s just about paid his debt to society and I was excited that he would get a second chance at a good life.

I’ve always liked Kwame; he’s brilliant and charismatic, and really didn’t have many limits. I just think being Mayor of a large city at such a young age may have been a little too much. But we all make mistakes and I believe his unusually long prison sentence was motivated by more than the search for justice. External factors played a major role in my opinion.
So while I was waiting on the word that he had been released I started to think, what can Kwame do for a living once he’s out. So after a day or two of mulling this over I came up with five can’t miss career choices for him.


The first is obvious: a Political Consultant. He could easily guide the political aspirations of young politicians.

The second one may be a bit controversial to some but Kwame would make a great Pastor. He has the chops and the leadership ability to run a mega church. Trust me, his church would be packed every Sunday.

Thirdly, I think he’d make a great Professor at a university. He has the education and experience to teach Poli-Sci for sure. And he definitely has a helluva story to tell.

The fourth, he would make an excellent Record Executive. He has the presence, swag, and street cred. He has the ability to deal with all types of people from the youth to the most seasoned Executives. Again, don’t forget Kwame has a Law Degree so his education more than qualifies him to be a very capable Label Head.

The fifth, a Television Court Judge. He has the looks for it, the charm, and background for it. Plus, we all love a great comeback story. Kwame has a great personality so he’d be really entertaining. I think it would be an excellent career move. I can see him being very successful, much like Judge Mathis has been.


I couldn’t wait to speak with him and welcome him home. I was even ready to chip in on a new pair of Buffs. Then the word came down he wasn’t coming home after all. I was very disappointed.

But I wholeheartedly believe he’ll be home sooner than we think. So I’m going to keep these suggestions close by so when Kwame is home I can hand them to him personally.