4 Signs That You’re a High Value Woman (Important!)

By Matthew Coast


One of the best ways to attract men (and ANY man for that matter, even if he’s not interested) is to project the qualities of what I like to tall a “high value woman.” It seems that a lot of women today put too much emphasis on designer clothing, perfect bodies and of course, the famous “viral video” that gets 15,000 likes. But is that real “value”?

In terms of dating, I’d say not. Most men don’t care about what brand name you’re wearing or that you’re a size 0, or that you were retweeted by Khloe Kardashian – you know, the “smart one.” What they care about are definite signs of high value.

Once they sense you are a high value woman that attracts their attention almost at an involuntary gut-level. That means you’re not an “average” woman. You’re not one of the many. You’re something exceptional, well out of the ordinary. And that’s when he realizes what a great couple you would make, if only he could qualify for that honor.

That’s why we’re going to talk about signs of a high value woman. Because if you can learn these high value signs and start to consciously show them to men when you’re around them, you will NEVER have to worry about attracting men ever again. It’s just programmed into our human nature that high-value qualities attract people.

“Yeah but what if …”

That’s just the thing. It’s not always easy to show signs of high value and in some cases it may require a major lifestyle change to get you to that successful point. But it can be done and it can be done by you.

For now, let’s focus on the signs that the man wants to see. These are the qualities he notices immediately upon seeing you and meeting you.

1. You take care of yourself physically and that makes you self-confident.

I know that some people hyper-focus on the “ideal” body shape, but I really don’t think that’s the primary attraction. Men’s tastes in beauty also tend to fluctuate. Super skinny girls use to be the gold standard years ago, but now the hourglass figure is popular.

Fashion also changes radically every 5-10 years so general awareness of social norms in fashion, makeup and hairstyling is also required. The simple science of the matter says it’s not so much about how you look, but that you put your health first and project an attitude of fitness and self-confidence.

Men are attracted to women who take care of themselves physically. Yes, this means working out and dieting. Many men are drawn to women who look at least moderately physically fit because it’s in our nature to seek out healthy partners. Morbid obesity implies poor health. By our evolution and genetics, humans avoid whatever looks unhealthy.

But in case you’re wondering, why do some movie stars and politicians and other powerful, rich men marry women who are not always A+ beautiful? Because most men are not looking for perfection. They’re just looking for healthy. And any woman can get healthy if she makes it a life goal. You will feel better and your natural self-confidence will grow.

He may even count on you for health tips and lifestyle changes if he’s never thought about it before.

Most importantly, you will begin to project the quality of sexy, available and attractive. And that is exactly the first impression you will make upon meeting him.

2. You care about other people, even people you’ve never met before…even people halfway across the world.

The one quality that so many wealthy and successful men have in their marrying patterns is that of empathy. Empathy (the ability to understand what another person is feeling) is what moves women to become activists. Empathy gives all of us the quality of compassion. It makes us talk about more important things. It also helps to keep us humble and appreciating how beautiful life is.

Once you begin to project qualities of kindness, a man will take note. Your crush will start to see you as someone unique—someone strong and yet compassionate, like their mother and other strong female figures in their life. They may even view you as having good maternal instincts in case they ever want to start a family.

A woman with empathy cares about family, his family and your own.

So contrary to whatever you’ve heard out there, don’t try to be cold-hearted, extremely “hard to get” or wear an air of entitlement. This is not what mature and available men are looking for. In fact, your compassion for other people and your need to be empathetic towards other people will actually keep you busy in life and NOT exclusively devoted to him or subservient to his every whim. Having a life purpose apart from being happily married keeps you busy.

3. You are interested in HIM.

Most women make the mistake of talking about themselves, which allows the man to fawn over you and flirt…but doesn’t actually do much for building an emotional connection. A high value woman who wants to be liked by men will engage him in conversation. She will ask questions, be interested in what he does (not just his career, but his hobbies and personal life goals) and will make conversation.

Doing this accomplishes two goals: (1) it makes him feel a growing emotional attraction (“Whoah she really likes me!) and (2) it makes you come across as mysterious, since he still doesn’t know much about you. Good, that means he’ll have to work at it to get more information out of you. And this getting-to-know you process is what gradually builds emotional connection.

4. You are emotionally, mentally and conversationally mature.

Sad but true, but men do judge a relationship by the conversation. Men are attracted to women who are emotionally mature (meaning stable and not a wild child), mentally mature (not into hot/cold mind games) and who can carry an interesting conversation. This may require that you learn more about interesting subjects like science, history, politics, religion, pop culture, sports and so on. Keep in mind, this also means you have to study the man you’re interested and figure out what subjects he loves to talk about. This will always give you an edge over immature girls who prefer shallow conversations.

In short, men are attracted to feminine women: smart women, mature women and women beaming with self confidence.

If you’re fretting right now, thinking “I can’t be like that…that’s not me.”

I beg to differ. This is you and this can be you. It’s just the “you” of the future, the you in an evolved state of mind. And I’m going to help you become the empowered, successful woman you’ve always wanted to be. Look for our next article on the subject How to Be a High Value Woman and I’ll show you how easy and rewarding it can be.

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