31 positive character traits of a quality woman (complete list)

By Czaroma Roman


We all have admirable women with great traits that we look upon.

While you might feel insecure initially, you can be as extraordinary and as strong as they are.

You just need to have a starting point to improve your good side and the determination to be one.

Let’s discover the powerful character traits of a great woman to inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

31 admirable qualities of a great woman

While there isn’t an ideal woman as everyone has flaws, great women are out there.

And they possess these commendable character traits that set them apart from the rest.

1) She’s a woman of integrity

Honesty is a highly valued trait that has to be the core of our character.

A great woman is genuine who lives with integrity.

She shows her true self and speaks the truth sincerely even when it’s easier to lie. She lives a life of truthfulness – one that’s free from deceptions.

The way she thinks and acts is always in line with her values and morals.

No wonder people rely on her as she treats them with respect, and she has gained their respect as well.

2) She’s a woman of gratitude

Appreciating everything she has in life makes her remarkable.

She’s grateful for family, her partner, her friends, her career, and every people she meets along the way,

She’s thankful for all that she has learned and experienced throughout her journey.

She never fails to express her thankfulness and appreciation to people who did something for her, whether the gesture is small or huge.

And it is her sense of gratitude that makes her happier.

3) She’s self-respecting

Self-respect is a trait that every woman should learn to adapt to. This is the way towards achieving total self-love.

A great woman values herself and doesn’t allow others to put her down or treat her badly.

She exudes power, grace, strength, and courage. While she values people, she doesn’t please them at the expense of her well-being or dreams.

She knows that her worth is more than her appearance, but she doesn’t neglect her needs and image.

What other people think of her doesn’t matter as long as she knows she’s doing the best things for herself.

4) She’s forgiving

With her understanding nature, she doesn’t think of striking back when someone has hurt her.

She doesn’t criticize when people make mistakes, bring up a hurtful past, nor hold a grudge.

She forgives sincerely, learns from the situation, and moves forward without hatred in her heart.

Instead of keeping a record of wrongs, she chose to let go of any form of hatred and bitterness.

And this is one reason why she can live her day filled with peace and positivity.

5) She’s nurturing

A great woman is filled with selfless love, care, and concern for others.

Her presence is comforting, and she can manifest good health to make those she cares about feel better.

She nurtures the way a mother cares, protects, and supports her children. Being around her almost feels like home where we feel secure, relaxed, and secure.

She considers the needs of others important and sometimes thinks of them ahead of her own.

6) She’s compassionate


Her empathy makes her understand and connect with people.

People get to trust her with their feelings and experiences as she listens sincerely.

A compassionate woman does these things:

  • She’s aware of others’ feelings and shares their happiness or pains

  • She acts with generosity and has this desire to be of help whenever she can

  • She listens attentively before speaking her mind

  • She attracts unconditional love for she gives it freely

  • She values people and relationships more than material things

  • She brings out the best in others

Having compassion is so powerful that it can create an impact and change one’s life forever.

7) She’s patient

Even in today’s fast-paced world, nothing still comes instantly.

Thus, a woman’s quiet patience is an essential virtue.

She doesn’t complain or worry about rushing things out. She knows that when the timing is right, everything will happen as she wanted.

The way she carries on and hopes for the best makes her admirable. She doesn’t give up or break down easily.

Her patience helps her withstand almost every challenge in life and achieve her goals.

8) She knows her purpose in life

A quality woman is focused on herself and her future.

She works hard towards her goals and keeps them in line with what makes her happy.

Her purpose gives her life meaning and fulfillment.

9) She’s relentlessly faithful

A great woman is true to herself, her words, and her actions. She holds an anchor of unshakeable faith.

Her opinions don’t change instantly. She never falters or strays from her beliefs especially when she knows she’s right.

Her loyalty is free from doubts and temptations. She has your back when the world turns against you.

Because of her strong sense of loyalty and commitment, she keeps her promises and works on them.

10) She doesn’t fall prey to jealousy

Most of the time, jealousy can distract women from being their best selves.

But a great woman never allows the ugly head of envy to get in the way of her relationships with people.

Because she knows herself and the qualities she has, she’s content with the person she is.

She possesses a strong self-image and self-value. So instead of comparing herself, she takes pride in who she is and celebrates the success of others.

So, it’s important to learn to cope with jealousy to be the great woman that you can be.

11) She knows how to have fun

A great woman loves doing things she enjoys most and makes her happy.

And even when things aren’t going well, she still finds reasons to smile. When people she loves are feeling low, she knows how to give them a boost.

She’s fun to be with, and her laughter is contagious – which makes her more admirable.

No matter how busy she can be, she still sets aside some time to have fun.

The secret here is about doing things that bring joy to your heart and your life.

12) She welcomes challenges


Her life isn’t free from challenges and struggles, but she doesn’t allow them to defeat her.

It is through overcoming those challenges and learning from them that made her the great woman she is now.

Her growth and success come from embracing every challenge that comes her way. Instead of resting on her laurels, she prefers stepping out of her comfort zone.

Her struggles shape her to become fearless, stronger, and wiser.

These challenges serve as the key that makes her life a lot more meaningful.

13) She radiates kindness

A great woman shares the gift of kindness to the world and practices it in various areas of her life.

She doesn’t just act pleasantly to avoid upsetting other people, but she does everything with genuine selfless love.

She listens, waits, and stops to lift others through her small acts of kindness.

When she feels upset, she practices self-compassion rather than wallowing in self-pity.

With just a small, simple act of kindness, you can be the great woman that you are.

14) She’s a great listener

In today’s chaotic world, having someone to listen to what you have to say can be healing. It’s valuable.

According to Dr. Jennifer Rhodes, licensed psychologist, relationship alchemist, and founder of Rapport Relationships:

“Listening is the way you actually connect with people.”

A great woman listens lovingly and with empathy. She pays attention to emotions and non-verbal cues and exercises silence in key moments.

She doesn’t interrupt nor avoid passing judgment.

Her full presence and listening ears can already provide comfort.

Being a great listener is one of her best character-defining attributes.

15) She communicates her feelings appropriately

When she feels off or when she needs someone to listen to her, she’s not afraid to reach out.

She’s mindful of her feelings and how she expresses herself.

She can express what she feels respectful without breaking down and adding more fuel to the emotional fire.

Opening up, showing her vulnerability, and talking honestly about her feelings are all signs that she’s a strong woman.

To avoid the fear of being misunderstood or judged when we share our feelings, Psych Central shares strategies to communicate effectively:

  • Understand your feelings so you’ll know what you want or need

  • Discern whom you share your feelings with so you’ll feel safe

  • Respond by doing something to calm yourself

  • Find the right time so you can communicate your feelings effectively

  • Be clear and direct

  • Pay attention to the tone of your voice and body language

16) She’s strong-willed

She knows what she wants in life and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

She possesses a positively strong personality and can stand up for what she believes in.

And she’s highly opinionated and never gets swayed from her beliefs or lets the opinions of others influence her.

A great woman is determined to achieve what she wants and make it happen.

It’s because she has the drive, commitment, focus, and determination to succeed.

17) She’s intellectually challenging

While people get attracted to physical looks, it is intelligence that keeps them connected.

A woman’s mind and outlook in life speak a lot about her great personality. Her wisdom comes from her experiences.

As she’s wise beyond her years, she often talks with sense and enjoys meaningful conversations.

You can see from her actions, words, and mindset how smart she is. It doesn’t even matter if she has a high IQ, finished college, has multiple degrees, or not.

Being mindfully strong makes her more desirable.

18) She’s emotionally intelligent


According to American psychologist Daniel Goleman, here are 5 major qualities of an emotional person:

  • Self-awareness

  • Self-regulation

  • Motivation

  • Empathy

  • Social skills

A quality woman pays attention to what she feels and knows how this affects people. She also understands the feelings of others.

Her strong sense of emotional awareness helps her communicate better, improve relationships, and overcome life challenges effectively.

19) She’s driven and ambitious

A goal-oriented woman tends to live happier and fulfilled lives.

She’s a woman with goals and a purpose in life. She knows what she wants and has the determination to achieve her dreams.

She has this eagerness to learn and is passionate about her personal growth.

While she won’t put her ambitions aside, she knows how to sacrifice and find the perfect balance in her life.

20) She exudes confidence

Her confidence stems from self-acceptance and knowing her self-worth.

She embraces her flaws and imperfections as she works towards improving her weaknesses.

She doesn’t get envious but tries to lift others in every way she can.

You can see how she exudes confidence from the way she carries herself, talks, and acts. And she takes personal responsibility for her emotions too.

Confidence is sexy, and it’s one of the most attractive qualities one can have.

21) She’s got a good sense of humor

When life gets serious, difficult, and challenging, she can bring healthy humor to the situation.

It’s not about being insensitive. But it’s about seeing the lighter side of things as she navigates through stressful situations.

Her warm energy and being able to laugh at silly things make her great to be around.

Her sense of humor is a sexy character trait that makes her attractive to men as well.

22) She’s firm but gentle at times

Being strong and independent while maintaining softness makes a woman remarkable.

People trust and lean into her as she makes other people feel safe and can cheer them up.

Her firmness is a sign of the strength she has. And she’s not weakened by her sensitivity.

Instead, she’s brutally honest because she stands for what she knows is right and leads people to do what is morally upright.

She’ll never do things that she isn’t comfortable with, or if it’s against her beliefs and principles.

23) She’s accepting of flaws

A great woman accepts that we all have flaws and imperfections. But she continues to strive to be a better person.

She sees the good qualities of a person amidst the flaws. She doesn’t look down on others or judge people for their imperfections.

Instead, she guides them to be better versions of themselves.

Even if she doesn’t share the same opinions with people, she respects their differences and each one’s opinion.

She acknowledges that people are perfect in their imperfect ways.

24) She’s full of optimism


For a great woman, everything that happens is a learning experience. She looks at the bright side and acknowledges that the silver lining exists.

This doesn’t mean that her moods never dampen. While it’s natural to worry, she doesn’t see problems as dead-ends, thoughts of giving up or quitting never cross her mind.

Her optimism makes her strong during challenging times. In uncertainties and despair, she finds opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive.

She can fill her life and others with hope.

And in today’s challenging times, cultivating a positive outlook is something that we can all practice.

25) She leaves a positive impression

A great woman is likable not just by those who know her, but to anyone who gets the chance to meet her.

Her positive energy and enthusiasm create a strong impact.

And she leaves a great impression on anyone she meets and wins them over. It’s because of the way she pays close attention to those around her.

People get drawn to her because she’s comfortable in her skin and she listens attentively.

26) She’s classy and dignified

She carries herself with confidence, etiquette, and self-respect.

She isn’t mean, stuck-up, or snobby to others. Instead, she acts with politeness and grace.

When someone compliments her looks and her brain, she accepts it graciously.

When she gets upset and angry, she remains calm and never stoops down to those who challenge her. She responds to the issue without hating the person.

A great woman is a woman of substance with natural poise, a genuine smile, and a heart of gratitude.

27) She takes responsibility for her actions

She has full control of her life and never makes excuses.

When she does something wrong, she acknowledges her mistakes without blaming other people. She apologizes and corrects her mistakes.

Even when it’s easy to blame the world for uncertainties, she steps up and takes charge.

By taking responsibility, we get to achieve these:

  • Gain respect for oneself and others

  • Build healthy relationships with people

  • Achieve a sense of accomplishment

  • Make positive changes in our lives

28) She values self-care

Taking care of one’s self isn’t selfish.

She prioritizes her life, health, wellness, and overall well-being the way she cares for the people who matter to her.

A great woman’s self-love is on point. She gives enough “me time” to nourish herself and pursue what she loves to do.

She continuously develops good habits to maintain a healthy relationship with herself. This way, she’ll get to transmit good feelings to others.

She learned to let go of negativity to free up her mental space.

29) She lives a balanced life

No matter how busy and demanding life is, she strives to achieve a balanced lifestyle.

She considers all aspects of her life: health, emotional well-being, fitness, career, and relationships.

She makes time for herself while keeping up with family, work, and relationship responsibilities.

A great woman knows her priorities, expects the unexpected, and maintains a positive attitude.

While it’s always a challenge to live a well-balanced life, it’s possible and it’s worth doing.

30) She strives to be better and improve


This is one of the best character traits of being a quality woman.

With her strong sense of purpose, she knows what she’s capable of becoming. And she inspires and encourages others to be better as well.

A quality woman believes that we can all reach our fullest potential. That no matter how we fail or fall short, we can improve ourselves.

So if you want to change careers, reinvent yourself, or travel the road less traveled, then do it.

Follow your gut and your heart’s desire.

And make the most of your life.

31. She’s encouraging

When we need an extra push or support, hearing encouraging words will go a long way.

And this trait is what a great woman possesses.

She knows how to infuse courage, inspire and motivate people around her with her words and actions.

It’s as if her light shines to lift others and reminds people to keep going.

No wonder, many aspire to be like her.

According to an article shared by Julie J. Exline Ph.D. in Psychology Today:

“Encouragement can provide people with the strength to look ahead, move forward, and reach for the next goal.”

Be the great woman that you are

Amazing women share most of these extraordinary characteristics.

Hopefully, by knowing those traits, you’ll be compelled to believe, do better, aim higher, and most of all love deeper.

Every trait is worth cultivating and will inspire you to work on becoming the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

But don’t worry as you don’t have to have all those traits instantly or have to possess them all, but having a couple of these traits makes you a great woman.

And when you choose to cultivate these positive habits, no effort will go wasted.

Keep these things in mind:

  • Don’t let negativity hinder you from being your best self

  • Never allow anything to limit your full potential

  • Know what makes you happy and go create it yourself

  • Love yourself no matter what

And just by trying and finding ways to improve yourself makes you a great one already.

You have it within you

When you look at yourself today, see and feel the great woman you deserve to be.

Yes, she’s the woman in you.

You just have to ignite the fire within and believe that you can turn from ordinary to extraordinary.

And you’re a beautiful work in progress.

See the potential that lies within you for you’re an extraordinary person.

You’re a great woman.

Believe it because I know you are.

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