15 Things That Were Made For Poor People That Rich People Ruined

By Andy Golder


Recently, Redditor u/hpbojoe asked, "What was loved by poor people until rich people ruined it?" Naturally, all the normal folks of Reddit had a LOT of thoughts.

Here are some of the ones that rang true the most:
1. "Theater used to be the entertainment for the masses and now it's ridiculously expensive and inaccessible to most people." —u/teethwizardmanperson

2. "Farmers markets."
"When I was a child, we were broke as a joke. The farmers market was where we went to get dirt cheap produce and whatnot. Now farmers markets are super expensive and filled with stalls from out of state farms selling aRtIsInAl cHeEseS aNd nOn-gMO hEiRlOoM tOmaToEs."—u/06210311200805012006

3. "Comic-Cons used to be pretty affordable, and you could chat with celebrities for a while. Now they are a huge extravaganza, with multiple levels of admission and VIP access and VIP seating. Pictures and autographs with bigger celebrities can cost a shitload, and you wait in multiple lines and are rushed through it."—u/3-DMan


4. "The Champion brand. I remember Goodwill and Walmart selling their Champion stuff for cheap, now it's 'designer' and it costs so much more now, smh."—u/sarvarsquez

5. "CAMPING. It used to cost close to nothing to reserve a campsite (some are still cheap) but now they’ve gone all bougie and some sites charge you ridiculous fees to pitch a tent in the woods."—u/porquenolosdo2

6. "Every little cool mountain town in the American West." —u/ozarkbanshee

7. "Chicken and waffles. Got some at a place recently that bragged they used hand-breaded chicken strips (aka microwaved nuggets). WTF — just put a piece of fried chicken on there and call it good." —u/xampl9


8. "All types of what was traditionally 'poor people food.' Pork belly, oxtails, etc. All the things that use to be cheap because they were considered to be the trash parts. Now that people realize how delicious they can be, it's driven the price up." —u/keesouth

9. "Food that was cooked out of necessity. Chinese dumplings or pot stickers, for example, were ways to stretch out meat rations over an extended amount of time."

"When rich people started making it, basically with the same ingredients, the tone of the dish changed. Before, it was consumed because hard decisions had to be made to make it through a rough period. Now, at places like Fats, a set of five dumplings will set you back about $15 and [are] served as an appetizer to a $100 or more meal, giving the illusion that you're eating some ballin' ass dumplings, when in reality, it's just dumplings." —u/gizmosbutu

10. "Living near the coast used to be a poor people thing a long time ago." —u/PioneerDingus


"My grandfather bought a house on Cape Cod when he retired from being an airline mechanic in the late '60s. He wasn't poor, but he sure as hell wasn't rich, and a normal middle-class person wouldn't be able to do that today. Even if you inherit a house free and clear, the property taxes will eat you alive if you aren't rich." —u/nakedonmygoat

11. "Secondhand shopping — there's nothing worse than going into a completely harvested op shop and not being able to find anything in your size/of good quality because hipsters came and raided the place and sold everything at a 150% mark-up on their fucking Depop account."—u/fabulousoffice

12. "PODCASTS!! The number of amazing podcasts that have been ripped off by celebrities who are so out of touch with the average person's daily experiences is disgusting. They are so starved for attention they have to take over any discussion that’s happening."—u/SmugDrunk

13. "Cheap foods — donuts, cupcakes, hamburgers, wings — that have all been given the 'foodie' treatment and went from good cheap eats to gourmet pricing without a corresponding increase in quality."—u/SonofSniglet


14. "Storage shed auctions used to be really cheap until that stupid Storage Wars show came along."
"Now instead of buying [them] cheap for some furniture, too many people are jacking up the prices thinking that there's some lost antiques worth thousands that they'll find in every unit."—u/lostarchitorture

And finally...

15. "Living in Brooklyn."—u/righteous_dinero


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